New Resources on Telepractice

July 23, 2017

Laws and regulations for each state on telepractice, telesupervision, and reimbursement are now available. Visit ASHA’s State-by-State page, select your state of interest, and find the section on telepractice requirements. Use these pages to help guide your practice and understand the requirements at the state level.


Telepractice is the application of telecommunications technology for the delivery of audiology, speech-language pathology, and professional services at a distance by linking clinician to client or clinician to clinician for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation. Learn more about telepractice on ASHA’s Practice Portal.

Telesupervision/distance supervision and distance education is the supervision, mentoring, pre-service, and continuing education, as well as other activities that may be conducted through the use of technology. Additional information on clinical education and supervision, including telesupervision, is available on ASHA’s website. 

Use of telepractice must be equivalent to the quality of services provided in person and consistent with adherence to ASHA’s Code of Ethics, Scope of Practice in Audiology, Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology, state and federal laws and regulations, and payer policies. Information on reimbursement of telepractice services can also be found on ASHA’s website.

ASHA Resources

For more information on telepractice laws and regulations in the states, please contact Cheris Frailey, MA, CCC-SLP, ASHA's director of state education and legislative advocacy, at or by phone 301-296-5666. For questions on telepractice reimbursement, please send an e-mail to


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