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Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Data Transmission

What do we need to do to incorporate NOMS into our electronic medical record?

To customize NOMS into your electronic medical record (EMR), your organization must (a) be registered to participate in NOMS, (b) execute a Database License Agreement with ASHA, and (c) transmit the data electronically to ASHA through EMR reporting.

The database license agreement provides detailed information about electronic data submission requirements, auditing procedures, timelines for building and exporting data to ASHA, confidentiality/format of ASHA's proprietary information, and stipulations for working with third-party EMR contractors/vendors.

Can we include the NOMS scales in our EMR?

No. The Functional Communication Measures (FCMs) are copyrighted and cannot be included in an organization’s electronic documentation system. ASHA has specific requirements for customizing NOMS into an organization’s electronic documentation system (e.g., inclusion of FCM domain names and numeric values only, blinding of admission and discharge scores). Once the Database License Agreement has been executed, ASHA’s NOMS Administrator will give the organization the NOMS file specifications and specific instructions for the interface. ASHA works with each organization to test the export before transmitting data to ASHA.

How are the data transmitted?

Ideally, an organization’s information technology (IT) staff will automate or set up the data extraction process. The speech-language pathologists (SLPs) simply complete their charts internally, and then the system creates the JSON or CSV files that can be transmitted to ASHA via web services or uploaded to our secure website on a pre-determined schedule. Specific knowledge of general web services protocol and JSON expertise is necessary in order to use the NOMS web services for data transmission.

How often are the data transmitted?

Organizations participating in NOMS must submit data to ASHA’s national registry at regular intervals—the required minimum is monthly (Adult NOMS), or biannually (Pre-kindergarten NOMS).

Does ASHA offer IT support for electronic data transmission?

No. If an organization elects to transmit data electronically through its EMR reporting system, it is expected that the organization will have in-house web services and JSON expertise or will be able to acquire that expertise. This level of training will not be provided by ASHA.

Does the NOMS interface work with all electronic documentation systems?

Most speech-language documentation software is customizable. It is up to your organization to determine whether your documentation system has the customization capability. It is important to note that ASHA is working directly with the organization and not with the EMR vendor for electronic data reporting. EMR vendors will be covered under the organization’s Database License Agreement and must comply with the terms of the agreement as a third-party contractor.

What EMR vendors have worked with ASHA to build NOMS in their speech-language pathology documentation system?

ASHA has entered into a vendor agreement with a select group of EMR providers. If your EMR provider is interested in this type of agreement, please contact Tobi Frymark at The following vendors have worked with ASHA and are supporting their customers with NOMS data transmission:

  • Optima Healthcare Solutions
  • Casamba

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