December 2017

Intersections is the quarterly e-newsletter distributed to ASHA Approved Continuing Education Providers to connect and exchange ideas in order to better accomplish their continuing education activities.

In this issue:


2017 ASHA Approved Continuing Education Provider Workshop Summary

The 2017 ASHA Approved Continuing Education (CE) Provider Workshop—held in Los Angeles, California, during the 2017 ASHA Convention—focused on the importance of providing continuing education to improve supervision skills. Melanie Hudson presented to a group of 85 Continuing Education Administrators (CEAs) and Continuing Education Content Consultants. Hudson is chair of the ASHA Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Council and a member of the ASHA Board of Directors. She also served as coordinator of ASHA Special Interest Group 11, Administration and Supervision, and was a member of the ASHA Ad Hoc Committee on Supervision that created the report, Knowledge, Skills and Training Consideration for Individuals Serving as Supervisors.  

Take some time to review the slides from the workshop [PDF], ASHA Ad Hoc Committee on Supervision Training [PDF], and other resources to assist your organization in developing high-quality continuing education courses in supervision skills.

Reminder: The 2018 Annual CE Provider Fees Are Due December 31, 2017

Your organization is required to pay the 2018 annual ASHA CE Provider fee in full by December 31, 2017, in order to continue as an ASHA Approved CE Provider in 2018. In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, these invoices were e-mailed in October 2017. If you did not receive this e-mail, or if you need another copy of the invoice, please contact cstanley@asha.org.

ASHA now offers subscribers the option to pay invoices online, which makes paying the invoice more convenient and secure. Pay your annual fee invoice online with a Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. You will need the invoice number and account number that appears in the upper right corner of the invoice to enter into the payment system. A W9 is available within the payment system, if needed.


Share this ASHA Continuing Education (CE) Video with Potential Course Registrants

Encourage those in the speech, language, and hearing professions attending your courses to watch this video to find out more about the benefits of earning ASHA continuing education units (CEUs) and joining the ASHA CE Registry. Participants who are eligible to earn ASHA CEUs can keep their ASHA CEU records organized and secure through the ASHA CE Registry. You may decide to link to this video from your course registration page to publicize that people taking the course can earn ASHA CEUs if they join the registry. The video is animated in the style of a "white board," which we think is both fun and informative. Take a look yourself for a 2½-minute "refresher" on the advantages of taking courses offered by ASHA Approved CE Providers. Inspire your participants to accomplish their professional goals with ASHA CE—and never stop learning!


Independent Study Process Improvements

The Independent Study (IS) course option presents an opportunity for a learner to design individualized learning activities to meet their specific learning needs. The IS process is gaining popularity because learners are more focused on gaining skills and knowledge in specialized practice areas.

Last year, ASHA CE surveyed current IS Approved CE Providers to solicit their input on how to more efficiently provide oversight for the IS process.

Based on their feedback, on September 7, 2017, the Online Course and Offering Registration System was revised to include IS courses as an option for course registration. Providers using the Online Course and Offering Registration System have found that it is convenient and has streamlined the course registration process for them. If you are not currently using the online system, there are instructions for getting started [PDF].

An IS Participant Worksheet [PDF] has been developed with the purpose of better preparing the participant to meet with you to plan and develop the IS course. This worksheet—together with a revised IS Orientation webpage—is now available online.

The new streamlined approach to IS course registration and reporting will allow you to save IS course records in the same way you are currently saving other types of courses you have registered through the online system. The new IS Participant Worksheet will contain all the information you need to collaboratively plan the IS course with the participant as well as monitor, and process, the course.

We encourage you to visit the ASHA CE Provider webpage covering the Independent Study Orientation to familiarize yourself with the new procedures, the IS Participant Worksheet, and registration instructions.

After December 31, 2017, paper IS forms will not be accepted. If you intend to offer IS courses after that date, you will be required to use the Online Course and Offering Registration System. Until December 31, 2017, you do have the option to submit the paper form.

If you have questions or are not currently approved to offer IS courses and wish to do so, please contact your CE Provider Manager for further information. 

New ASHA CEB Required Practice 3.4e Implementation Will Be Effective 1/1/2018

On November 1, 2017, ASHA Approved CE Providers received an e-mail announcing that the Continuing Education Board (CEB) has added an element to Required Practice 3.4. This required practice addresses the ASHA Approved CE Provider’s responsibility for managing exhibits and advertisements associated with a continuing education course. In September 2017, the CEB conducted a select peer review of the proposed new required practice (3.4e), and the response was overwhelmingly in favor (90.7%).

The addition of Required Practice 3.4e provides additional direction related to print or digital course descriptions and promotional materials and advertisements, and it also contains the following stipulations:

  • Specifies that when referencing credit offered, the specific type of credit, CEUS, or hours must be identified.
  • Advertising cannot imply or suggest that the awarding of ASHA CEUs is free.
  • The word "free" may be used when advertising a course that has no registration fee.
  • If course registration is free, but the purchase of an item related to the course is required to participate in the course, then this must be disclosed to the learner prior to their registering for the course.
  • The acronym "CEU" should not be used to mean "course."

View Requirement 3, with all the required practices [PDF].

Rationale for parts of this new required practice are: There are many types of continuing education credits. Having ASHA Approved CE Providers designate the type of credit that they offer will make advertising more transparent. In addition, providing accurate information about how to earn ASHA CEUs is necessary. Earning ASHA CEUs involves several components: successfully completing the course, being eligible to earn ASHA CEUs, and payment of the ASHA CE Registry fee for the year in which the course was completed. To advertise that ASHA CEUs are "free" is incorrect unless the ASHA CE Provider pays the annual ASHA CE Registry fee for the learner. Finally, the additional element addresses the appropriate use of the acronym "CEU." 

This Required Practice is effective as of January 1, 2018. Your Provider Manager will be helping you implement the new required practice and will provide feedback if they note that materials that are not meeting the intent of the requirement. We will also provide resources to assist with implementation of Required Practice 3.4e. If Providers have printed materials that will be used after January 1, 2018—materials that do not meet the new required practice—contact your Provider Manager about this, and we will work with you individually. 


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