A Sampling of Research on Personal Audio Technology Usage Habits

Minority children spend an average of 13 hours per day using mobile devices, computers, TVs, and other media – about 4.5 hours more than white counterparts.
Children, Media, and Race—Media Use Among White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian American Children
The Center on Media and Human Development, School of Communication, Northwestern University (June 2011)

Nearly 60% of students at a major New York City college were found listening to personal audio devices with headphones at volumes greater than 85 decibels.
Noise Exposure Estimates of Urban MP3 Player Users
Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research (February 2011)

Hearing loss in U.S. adolescents age 12 to 19 has increased from 14.9% to 19.5% since 1990.
Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) (August 2010)

About one-third of college students reported occasionally using their MP3 players at maximum volume levels.
Survey of College Students’ MP3 Listening: Habits, Safety Issues, Attitudes, and Education
American Journal of Audiology (June 2010) 

Children ages 8-18 devote an average of 7+ hours to using entertainment media (more than 53 hours per week). Ownership of iPods and MP3 players among children has increased from 18% to 76% in the past 5 years.
Generation of M2: Media in the Lives of 8 to 18-Year-Olds
A Kaiser Family Foundation Study (January 2010)

Listening to personal audio devices with headphones at volumes greater than 85 decibels could have detrimental effects on hearing.
Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks Report
EU Scientific Committee (October 2008)

Johns Hopkins University researchers predict a rise in hearing loss nationally due to unsafe use of personal audio devices.
Archives of Internal Medicine, July 2008

Hispanic teens use personal audio technology for longer periods and at higher volumes.
Survey of Hispanic Adults, Adults in General, Hispanic Teens, and Teens in General about the Use of Personal Electronic Devices with Head Phones
Zogby International (October 2006)

47% of teens say they are not concerned about hearing loss from use of personal audio technology.
Survey of Teens and Adults about the Use of Personal Electronic Devices and Head Phones
Zogby International (March 2006)