Speech-Language-Hearing Interstate Compact (SLHIC)

An interstate compact is an agreement between states that would offer a pathway for licensure to qualified audiologists and speech-language pathologists who wish to practice in multiple states. An interstate compact would increase access to services for clients in underserved or rural areas and would allow practitioners to more easily connect with experts and clients through the use of technology in other states.

An interstate compact would ease the burden for

  • members with multiple state licenses;
  • members who move from state to state;
  • military members/spouses;
  • traveling therapists; and
  • telepractitioners.

An interstate compact would reduce

  • practitioner shortages;
  • costs of licensure in multiple states; and
  • administrative burdens on practitioners.

An interstate compact would improve (a) access to services and (b) public protection.

For questions, contact Dan Logsdon at dlogsdon@csg.org or ASHA at interstatecompact@asha.org.

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