Candidate for Vice President for Planning: Yvette D. Hyter, CCC-SLP

Why are you running for Vice President for Planning on the ASHA Board of Directors?

The ASHA Leader asked the candidates:

What is your top priority if elected to the ASHA Board of Directors?

“Envisioned Future 2025” is the vision of ASHA's future attainments by its 100th anniversary. My top priority is to work with members of ASHA's Board of Directors, committees and members to advance strategic objectives toward our envisioned future. To help maintain the relevance of our professions, it is essential to continue facilitating the preparation of members to successfully navigate an ever-changing, more interconnected and complex world, with increasingly linguistically, culturally, and ethnically diverse populations within and outside of the United States. One goal is to assist with the achievement of transformational (revolutionary) objectives in the areas of culturally responsive, evidenced-based, interprofessional, and globally sustainable practices. Ideally, these practices should be incorporated into education, research endeavors and clinical care and be represented in certification standards.

Yvette D. Hyter is an ASHA Fellow and Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. Her research and teaching focus on the influences of culture on communication development and disorders, with emphasis in the areas of (1) pragmatic language and social communication of speakers of African American English and (2) culturally responsive and globally sustainable practices.

As a founding member of the Children's Trauma Assessment Center of Southwest Michigan, Dr. Hyter's clinical concentration is twofold: (1) the social pragmatic language of children with histories of maltreatment and prenatal alcohol exposure and (2) transdisciplinary assessments. She developed a social pragmatic communication assessment battery for young children that is currently being tested in Brazil, Cyprus, Greece, and the United States.

Dr. Hyter serves in leadership positions regarding global practice, diversity, inclusion, and equity. She served 6 years in the leadership of WMU's Steering Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, 6 years as Chair of WMU's College of Health and Human Services Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, two terms as Chair of the Child Language Committee of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP), and was a member of the IALP Board of Directors. She recently completed two terms as the Coordinator of ASHA Special Interest Group 17 (Global Issues in Communication Sciences and Related Disorders).

As Co-Director of a nonprofit, Cultural Connections: Transnational Research and Education Laboratory, Dr. Hyter co-teaches study-abroad courses in West Africa and in the U.S. Midwest about the causes and consequences of globalization on systems, policies, and practices. She has published articles underscoring the need for conceptual frameworks guiding practice in globally sustainable and culturally responsive ways. Dr. Hyter developed a conceptual framework focused on sustainable global practices and recently published a co-authored textbook on culturally responsive practices.

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