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Candidate for Vice President for Standards and Ethics in Audiology: Soami Santiago de Snyder, PhD, CCC-A

Why are you running for Vice President for Standards and Ethics in Audiology on the ASHA Board of Directors?

The ASHA Leader asked the candidates:

What is your top priority if elected to the ASHA Board of Directors?

I believe that the public needs to identify the role that audiology and speech-language pathology play in their communication journey. To do that I will prioritize the need to integrate new tendencies in areas such as culturally appropriate coaching in communication disorders for individuals and families, telepractice, inclusive epidemiology, and the effects of emerging viral and chronic diseases on communication and auditory processing. Those represent challenging and growing opportunities for our professions. We also need a more symbiotic relationship between our professions, collaborating in the rehabilitation of patients while respecting the independence of our fields. I hope to contribute to the productive work that ASHA has already begun with other organizations interested in achieving a brighter and more secure future for the profession of audiology.

Soami Santiago de Snyder, PhD, CCC-A, is a full professor in the Doctor of Audiology Program at the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico. She obtained her PhD degree from The Ohio State University and her master’s in audiology from the University of Puerto Rico. She also holds a graduate certification in developmental disabilities and early intervention from the University of Puerto Rico School of Public Health.

Dr. Santiago de Snyder has been involved in the clinical and academic education of interns in audiology and speech-language pathology for 25 years. She has also participated in research on metabolic and infectious diseases and their impact on the hearing and balance system, including (a) the ZIKA virus and its potential effects on the auditory system and (b) the auditory and balance risk profile of the Puerto Rican residents with diabetes. She established a consortium between the ENT department and the audiology program (both part of the University of Puerto Rico’s Medical Sciences Campus) to complement intern training in the clinical aspects of the profession. She is also the attending audiologist at the St. Gabriel School for the Deaf in Puerto Rico. Her academic areas of interest are pediatrics, educational audiology and auditory processing, balance assessment and rehabilitation, habilitation and rehabilitation of the hearing impaired, tinnitus, and issues related to the Deaf community.

Dr. Santiago de Snyder is currently president of the Puerto Rican Organization of Professionals in Speech-Language and Audiology (OPPHLA) and has been active in that organization since her student years. She represented the U.S. Territories in ASHA’s Audiology Council for 6 years and is a member of the Puerto Rico Academy of Audiology, the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), and Rotary International. She participates actively in the Coalition for Global Hearing Health, a humanitarian organization that promotes hearing and balance health around the world and that coordinates the Healthy Hearing Clinics of the Ronald McDonald Foundation in Puerto Rico.

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