Candidate for Vice President for Standards and Ethics in Audiology: Arlene Carney, CCC-A

Arlene Carney

Arlene Carney received her MA in Audiology from the University of Massachusetts and her PhD in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Minnesota; she has held academic positions at the University of Miami Medical School, Purdue University, and the University of Illinois. She was also the director of the Center for Childhood Deafness at Boystown National Research Hospital and co-director of the cochlear implant team. Currently, Carney is a professor at the University of Minnesota, teaching undergraduate and graduate coursework. Dr. Carney’s research, teaching, and clinical expertise is in the areas of rehabilitative audiology, speech perception, and cochlear implants. Her research has been funded by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD). She has been a member of the Communicative Disorders Review Committee and the NIDCD Advisory Council. In the broader university context (i.e., administrative offices), Dr. Carney was chair of her department, associate dean for undergraduate education in the College of Liberal Arts, and vice provost for faculty and academic affairs over a 15-year period. In her service to ASHA, she has served as editor for the Hearing section of the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, member and chair of the former Council on Professional Standards in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, member of the Council on Academic Accreditation, and member and chair of the Board of Ethics. Throughout her career, Dr. Carney has been a regular presenter at the ASHA Convention, discussing certification standards for audiology and speech-language pathology, ethics, and research in hearing and rehabilitative audiology. She is a Fellow of ASHA and of the Acoustical Society of America, and she received the Honors of ASHA in 2015.

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The ASHA Leader asked the candidates:

What is your top priority if elected to the ASHA Board of Directors?

My first priority as vice president for standards and ethics in audiology would be to integrate the new and revised rules of the Code of Ethics (2016) into continuing education requirements for maintenance of certification. Members typically learn about the Code of Ethics during graduate education when the principles and rules are less tangible and may take a back seat to learning the content areas in the field. The new self-disclosure rules are critical for obtaining certification and the entire code forms the basis for ethical clinical practice and research. My goal is to facilitate members’ ready knowledge of, and adherence to, the Code of Ethics as part of their responsibility to their patients, research subjects, themselves and the public.

Why are you running for Vice President for Standards and Ethics in Audiology on the ASHA Board of Directors?

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