Committee on Leadership Cultivation

Liaisons with the Immediate Past President


Oversee leadership development efforts, cultivate future BOD leaders, and provide broad strategic coordination of all leadership development efforts to ensure a strong pipeline of diverse, talented, qualified, and willing candidates for all committees, boards, and councils.


8 members plus the chair, all members, including chair, have voting rights. 4 audiologists and 4 SLPs, appointed by Committee on Committees. 6 members come from CNE-members just finishing their 2-year terms, 1 early career professional (younger than 30 years old or has less than 5 years experience in the professions), and 1 member who is a graduate of ASHA’s Leadership Development Program or the Association’s Minority Student Leadership Program. The Chair is a former BOD member and is appointed by the CoC. All terms are staggered 2 year terms.

The CLC chair shall also serve as the Vice Chair of the Leadership Cultivation and Nomination Board.  The BOD liaison to the CLC is the Immediate Past President of the BOD. 


  • Robert M. Augustine, Chair
  • Donna F. Smiley, Vice Chair
  • Gail J. Richard, Board Liaison
  • David F. Alexander
  • Nancy A. Creaghead
  • Davetrina Seles Gadson
  • Gabrielle L. Haliburton
  • Michael L. Kimbarow
  • Stephanie O'Silas
  • George O. Purvis
  • James T. Yates
  • Teigan Beck, NSSLHA
  • Chelsea Walker, NSSLHA


2 years


  • ​2 meetings annually (Jan. and Committee Day at the ASHA Convention)
  • Attendance at the Leadership Reception at Convention.
  • 2-4 conference calls per year

Desired Service Qualifications/Experiences

Prior service on the Committee on Nominations and Elections for six positions, a graduate of ASHA's Leadership Development Program or Minority Student Leadership Program for one position and an Early Career Professional (30 years of age or younger or less than 5 years in the profession) for another position. 

Staff Liaison

Andrea Falzarano (