Committee on Leadership Cultivation

Liaisons with the Immediate Past President


Oversee leadership development efforts, cultivate future BOD leaders, and provide broad strategic coordination of all leadership development efforts to ensure a strong pipeline of diverse, talented, qualified, and willing candidates for all committees, boards, and councils.


8 members plus the chair, all members, including chair, have voting rights. 4 audiologists and 4 SLPs, appointed by Committee on Committees. 6 members come from CNE—members just finishing their 2-year terms, 1 early career professional (younger than 30 years old or has less than 5 years experience in the professions), and 1 member who is a graduate of ASHA’s Leadership Development Program or the Association’s Minority Student Leadership Program. The Chair is a former BOD member and is appointed by the CoC. All terms are staggered 2 year terms.

The BOD liaison to the CLC is the Immediate Past President of the BOD. 


  • Donna F. Smiley, Chair
  • Elise Davis-McFarland, BOD Liaison
  • David I. Alexander 
  • Natalie J. Benafield
  • Wren S. Newman 
  • Stephanie O'Silas 
  • Raul Prezas
  • Jennifer Simpson
  • Christina Yeager Pelatti 
  • Teffany Rebecca Ventura (NSSLHA Representative)


2 years


  • ​2 meetings annually (January and Committee Day at the ASHA Convention)
  • Attendance at the Leadership Reception at Convention
  • 2–4 conference calls per year

Desired Service Qualifications/Experiences

Prior service on the Committee on Nominations and Elections for six positions, a graduate of ASHA's Leadership Development Program or Minority Student Leadership Program for one position and an Early Career Professional (30 years of age or younger or less than 5 years in the profession) for another position. 

Staff Liaison

Andrea Falzarano (