Active Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committee to Provide Technical Assistance to the Ministry Of Public Health (MPH) Of Ecuador to Educate Service Providers on Communication Disorders

Charge: Provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Public Health (MPH) of Ecuador as part of the ASHA/Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) collaboration by developing train-the-trainer workshops and providing professional development courses for service providers on communication disorders. Ad Hoc Committee will meet electronically and will perform the following tasks:

  1. Make recommendations and oversee the implementation of the work plan developed jointly with the MPH of Ecuador.
  2. Recruit volunteers (audiologists and speech-language pathologists) to assist with train-the-trainer workshops.
  3. Recruit volunteers (audiologists and speech-language pathologists) to provide professional development courses.
  4. Assist with identifying experts (audiologists and speech-language pathologists) for academic exchanges.
  5. Assist with development of campaign awareness for the general public.

Composition: 5 members  who are bilingual English/Spanish with international expertise and training experience in resource-limited countries to be appointed by the CoC: 1 chair, 1 member from the International Issues Board, 3 members; a staff ex officio; and ASHA's vice president for planning serving as the BOD liaison.


  • Brenda K. Gorman, Chair
  • Jose G. Centeno
  • Lisa M. Domby
  • W. Antonio Le Baron
  • Elaine Schochat

Term: 11/22/2019-10/31/2020

BOD Liaison(s): Vice President for Planning

Staff Liaison: Lily Waterston (, Director, International Programs 

Ad Hoc Committee to Develop Guidance for Members and Students Engaging Globally in Clinical, Scholarly, and Other Professional Activities

Charge: To develop guidance for members and students for engaging globally in clinical, scholarly, and other professional activities.

Composition: 7 members (at least 2 will be audiologists) appointed by CoC: 1 chair; 2 members from the International Issues Board; 1 member from the Special Interest Group 17 (Global Issues in Communication Sciences and Related Disorders); 2 current or former members of the Board of Ethics; 1 member of the Multicultural Issues Board; 1 member of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association; a staff ex officio; and ASHA’s vice president for planning and vice president for standards and ethics in audiology (serving as BOD liaisons)


  • Brooke Hallowell, Chair
  • Traci Flynn
  • Yvette Hyter
  • Jennifer Watson
  • Charissa Lansing
  • Ishara Ramkissoon
  • Philip Combiths

Term: 8/21/2019-12/31/2019

BOD Liaison(s): Vice President for Planning; Vice President for Standards and Ethics in Audiology

Staff Liaison: Monica Sampson (, Director, SLP Health Care Services

Ad Hoc Committee on Graduate Education for Speech-Language Pathologists

Charge: Gathering data and synthesizing information into a report that addresses the following questions:

  1. What are the rationale and data indicating whether optional, post-entry-level clinical doctoral programs in speech-language pathology in the United States should be accredited?
  2. What are the rationale and data indicating what is needed to adequately prepare future speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to enter the profession?
  3. What input do ASHA members and other key stakeholders have regarding (a) which aspects of the current model of entry-level education for speech-language pathology in the United States are serving the profession and the public adequately now, and in the near future, and (b) which aspects are not?


13 members:

  • AAB Representative
  • CAA Representative
  • CAPCSD Representative
  • CFCC Representative
  • SLP working in school settings
  • SLP working in health care settings
  • Recent graduate of master's degree program in SLP
  • Recent graduate of clinical doctorate degree program in SLP
  • VP for Academic Affairs in Audiology
  • VP for SLP Practices
  • VP for Standards and Ethics in SLP


  • Nancy Alarcon
  • Barbara Conrad
  • Mark DeRuiter
  • Marie Ireland
  • Barbara Jacobson
  • Susana Keller
  • Marnie Kathleen Kershner
  • Janet Koehnke
  • Amy Thorpe Wiley
  • Ann Tyler
  • Sally Wilson

Term: 5/31/2019

BOD Liaison(s): VP for Academic Affairs in SLP

Staff Liaison: Margaret Rogers (; Lemmietta McNeilly (

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