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2020 Award Recipients

Honors of the Association

  • Giselle D. Carnaby
  • Celeste A. Roseberry-McKibbin
  • Froma P. Roth
  • Dennis M. Ruscello
  • Andrew Stuart
  • Pamela H. Wiley
  • Christine Yoshinaga-Itano

Fellowship of the Association

  • Areej A. Aseeri
  • Christopher Dromey
  • Carol C. Dudding
  • Ann Tucker Gleason
  • Donald M. Goldberg
  • Maria I. Grigos
  • Marta S. Kazandjian
  • Carol Koch
  • Erika S. Levy
  • Nancy R. Lovering
  • Nicole L. Marrone
  • Ryan McCreery
  • Jean Neils-Strunjas
  • Nicole S. Patton-Terry
  • Sonja L. Pruitt-Lord
  • Deborah Ross Swain
  • Pamela A. Smith
  • Laurie E. Sterling
  • Janet M. Sturm
  • Stacy L. Williams

Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Contributions in International Achievement

  • Ilias Papathanasiou

Certificate of Recognition for Special Contributions in Multicultural Affairs

  • Richard K. Adler

Certificate of Recognition for Special Contributions in Higher Education

  • Wendy M. Krueger

Certificate of Recognition for Special Contributions in Preschool-Grade 12 Education Settings

  • Kamela P. Rowland

Distinguished Service Award

  • Walter A. Wolfram

Early Career Contributions in Research Award

  • Frances S. Earle
  • Maryam Naghibolhosseini
  • Ashwini M. Namasivayam-MacDonald

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