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CEA Tutorial Section 8: Course Offering Report Form and ASHA CEU Participant Form

This section describes how to complete and submit two very important reporting forms, the Activity Report Form and the ASHA CEU Participant Form.

What is a Course Offering Report Form?

A Course Offering Report Form "closes the loop" on a course that you registered for ASHA CEUs. It lets us know if the course was:

  • Held with participants requesting ASHA CEUs
  • Held but no participants requested ASHA CEUs
  • Canceled

You must submit an Course Offering Report Form for every course registered with ASHA. This form can also be used to notify us of postponements.

How do I complete the Course Offering Report Form?

Section A: Print the course title and your Provider name

  • Indicate whether the course was held, canceled, or rescheduled
  • If postponed, enter new dates or contact your provider manager with new dates when you know them

Section B: Enter your Provider code, fill in boxes completely

Section C: Enter the course number, fill in the boxes completely

Section D: If a multiple offering, fill in offering number (if not, leave blank)

Section E: Indicate number of participant forms you are submitting

Section F: Fill in the course completion date (this helps us catch discrepancies)

Section G: Fill in total number of people taking the course (usually different from E)

Section H: Check yes or no to indicate if partial credit was assigned to any participants

  • Partial credit means that not all participants are receiving the full amount of CEUs available
  • It is most often given for large conferences with concurrent sessions
  • It may be given if someone leaves early because of illness, etc.
  • Consider this when giving partial credit: Has the participant met the learning outcomes?
  • If a participant is receiving partial credit, fill in the Special Use Box on that participant's form

Section I: Sign and date the form.

How do I submit the Course Offering Report Form?

Course Offering Report Forms may be faxed to ASHA CE. Please note that there are two separate fax numbers depending on the course outcome:

  • Courses with ASHA CEU participants: Fax the Course Offering Report Form and participant forms to 866-271-3040 (toll-free number!) See Faxing participant forms in Resource box above for complete instructions. No other items may be faxed to this number.
  • Courses that were canceled, rescheduled, or had no ASHA CEU participants: Use this Web form or fax the Course Offering Report Form to 301-296-8574.

What is an ASHA CEU Participant Form?

An ASHA CEU Participant Form is the form completed by participants who are requesting to receive ASHA CEUs. By submitting a participant's form to ASHA, you are letting us know that the individual should be awarded ASHA CEUs.

What should I know about submitting participant forms?

  • Make sure all four anchors are in place and no extraneous lines appear (such as fax header information)
  • Check that the boxes in each section are filled in completely (except the Special Use Box; see details below)
  • Make sure that forms are filled in using pencil or pen (blue or black ink)
  • Use only plain white paper
  • Check that forms have not been folded, stapled, or torn
  • Alphabetize if submitting more than 50 forms
  • Make copies of all forms and keep with attendance records for 2 years
  • Mail original forms to ASHA or fax the forms along with the accompanying Course Offering Report Form to this toll-free number: 866-271-3040 (See "Faxing participant forms" in the Resources box above for complete instructions. No other items may be faxed to this number.)

Who should complete the CEU Participant Form?

Eligible participants should complete the ASHA CEU Participant Form.

Effective July 1, 2011, in order to be eligible to earn ASHA CEUs, the participant must meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • be an ASHA member (includes Life Member and International Affiliate categories),
  • hold the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC),
  • be licensed by a state or provincial regulatory agency to practice speech-language pathology or audiology,
  • be credentialed by a state regulatory agency to practice speech-language pathology or audiology,
  • be credentialed by a national regulatory agency to practice speech-language pathology or audiology,
  • be engaged in a clinical fellowship under the supervision of an individual who holds the ASHA CCC, or
  • be currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program in speech-language pathology or audiology.

Participants should be prepared to provide proof of eligibility on the form in order to be awarded ASHA CEUs. ASHA members and CCC holders should provide an ASHA account number. Participants who are not ASHA members or CCC holders should complete the section on the form that asks for state license, credential, clinical fellow, or graduate program information.

(Tip: Before you copy forms for participants, you may want to fill in your Provider code, course number, and completion date so each participant does not have to fill this in.)

Then the participant

  • fills in personal information using pencil or pen (blue or black ink)
  • enters their last name and fills in the boxes
  • enters an ASHA account number, if applicable, or completes the eligibility section (Action Center staff, available at 1-800-498-2071 during business hours, can give members their account numbers.)

What role does the CE Provider play with regard to participant eligibility to earn ASHA CEUs?

Please communicate eligibility criteria to your course attendees. We encourage you to post ASHA CEU eligibility criteria [PDF] on your website, in promotional materials, and at your live events. Please do not submit to the ASHA CE Registry ASHA CEU Participant Forms (paper or electronic) for individuals who are not eligible to earn ASHA CEUs.

Attendees who are not ASHA members or CCC holders, but who meet one of the other criteria, may either document their eligibility on the paper ASHA CEU Participant Form [PDF] at the course or complete and electronically submit the online form.

If your organization electronically submits participant reporting, please include all eligible participants, but direct attendees who are not ASHA members or CCC holders to complete the eligibility Web form so that the CE Registry can confirm eligibility when their participant form arrives.

What should I do if one of the participants fails to complete the eligibility section of the participant form?

If the participant has provided his or her name and complete contact information, you can submit the form. Do not delay your course reporting to wait for further information from that participant. The CE Registry will contact the participant directly concerning eligibility.

Can a participant receive partial credit for a course?

Partial credit is available if the course is registered for partial credit or if the participant experiences an emergency that prevents her or him from completing the course.

Fill out the Provider Use Only box for any participants who are eligible to receive partial credit. Please note the decimal point between the boxes (i.e., record 5½ hours as 00.55; 16 hours as 01.60).


CEA Carmen asks: Can I submit forms electronically?

You can submit an electronic Web form in place of the Course Offering Report Form if the course was canceled, rescheduled, or held but no one requested ASHA CEUs. See the Resource box for the link to web reporting options.

You may be able to submit course participant data electronically if your organization is able to meet the technical specifications. This process takes the place of mailing or faxing the Course Offering Report Form and ASHA CEU Participant Forms. See the link in the Resource box for further information about electronic submission of participant data.


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