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CEA Tutorial Section 7: Additional Offerings List

This section explains when and how to register your course if you have more than one offering or need to add additional offerings.

What is an Offering?

The offering is the scheduled event during which the course will be presented at a given date, time and location.  Every course will have at least one offering.  In Section VII of the Course and Offering Registration Form [PDF], the provider must fill in the start and end date(s) and location of the one time the course will be offered.  ASHA CE will assign offering number -001. 

If you plan to offer the exact same course more than once during the calendar year, you would answer YES to the question "Do you intend to offer this course more than once" on the Course and Offering Registration form.  

All offerings of the course must have the same:

  • Course title
  • Course description
  • Learning outcomes
  • Agenda
  • CEU amount
  • Learning assessment

Instructors, dates, and locations may vary, but the content and format are the same.

How do I register a course with more than one offering?

Check the box in the Course and Offering Registration Form [PDF] that asks "Will this course be offered more than once?".

List the start date, end date, and the location (city, state)  for each offering you plan to hold in this calendar year. You must list at least one offering. If you do not know all of the offering dates at the time of course registration, you can use the Additional Offerings List [PDF] or web form to add those dates later. 

May I add offerings throughout the year?

Yes. As you plan additional offerings of the course, update the with the Additional Offerings List, re-sign and date it, and fax to 301-296-8574. Additional offering updates to existing courses must be received at ASHA no later than 3 days prior to the offering start date. And cooperative offering updates (with payments, if applicable) no later than 3 days prior to the offering start date.


CEA Carmen asks:

What if I'm not sure if the same course will be offered again during the year?

If you think you might offer the course again, it is best to check Yes to that question on the Course and Offering Registration Form.

Be sure to file the Additional Offerings List at least 3 days prior to the start dates.

What if you don't add any additional offerings? It is fine if you just have one offering and don't add more to the list throughout the year.

What if all or some of the course offerings are cooperative agreements?

Check "Yes, Cooperative Offering" in Section VII of the Course and Offering Registration Form for all those offerings that are co-ops. Be sure to include all appropriate fees. The cooperative fee is due each time the course offering is a co-op. If the course is being offered with a co-op partner five times, then you pay $250 for the first offering and $50 for each additional offering. The form and fees are due at the time of registration.

What if I want to offer the same course the following year and nothing has changed?

The Additional Offerings List can only be used for offerings within the same calendar year. For the next year, you would submit a new Course and Offering Registration Form and attachments, and assign a new course number, even if the content and format are the same.

The exception would be self-studies, which can be registered for the entire peer review period, approximately 3 years. See Section 9 of this tutorial for additional information about self-studies.

How do I handle the reporting requirements for courses with more than one offering?

Submit an Course Offering Report Form for each offering within 45 days of that offering's end date. If you register 20 offerings of a course, then 20 Course Offering Report Forms will be due as determined by the end date of each offering.

How do I report on canceled or postponed offerings?

Whenever there is a cancellation or a postponement, mail or fax (301-296-8574) an Course Offering Report Form to us with that information. As an option, you can also submit the electronic reporting form (see Resources above). In the case of a postponement, supply the new date. If the new date has not been determined, notify your provider manager as soon as it becomes available so the records can be updated.

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