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These resources can provide you with additional information you may find helpful as you work towards adding speech, language, and hearing benefits to your policy.

Scopes of Practice

ASHA developed the Scopes of Practice to provide a list of professional activities that define the range of services offered by certified audiologists and speech-language pathologists. Ethical practice requires that the professional work within his or her respective scope.

Preferred Practice Patterns

ASHA developed the Preferred Practice Patterns to provide guidelines that define universally applicable characteristics of activities directed toward individual patients/clients, and that address structural requisites of the practice, processes to be carried out, and intended outcomes.

Certification and Licensure

The following pieces of information provide detailed descriptions of the certification, licensing requirements, and ethical requirements of audiologists and speech-language pathologists.

Other Resources

Treatment Efficacy Summaries
ASHA compiled evidence on the efficacy of treatment of 16 common types of communication disorders.

Speech, Language, and Hearing Benefits Brochure [PDF]
ASHA developed a brochure on speech-language pathology and audiology benefits to assist in evaluating and rating coverage and reimbursement levels for speech-language pathology and audiology benefits by employers and health plans.

A Checklist for Consumers
A Checklist is available for consumers to help them in approaching employers about obtaining or improving coverage of speech, language, and hearing benefits. It encourages the employee to talk about how treatment for a communication disorder can enhance employee morale and productivity.


E-mail ASHA's Health Care Economics & Advocacy Team at  [email protected] if you need assistance as you work towards adding speech, language, and hearing benefits to your policy.

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