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ASHA Reports

Academic Affairs Board Report on the Role of Undergraduate Education in Communication Sciences and Disorders [PDF]
June 2015 report to the ASHA Board of Directors

Academic Affairs Board Report on Critical Issues in AuD Education [PDF]
December 2014 report to the ASHA Board of Directors

Ad Hoc Committee for Supervision Training Report on A Plan for Developing Resources and Training Opportunities in Clinical Supervision [PDF]
May 2016 report to the ASHA Board of Directors

Supervision Training Resources and Training Opportunities

Ad Hoc Committee on Interprofessional Education Final Report [PDF]
November 2013 report to the ASHA Board of Directors on Interprofessional Education

Strategic Plan to Increase the Student Pipeline and Workforce for PhD Researchers and Faculty Researchers [PDF]
December 2013 Academic Affairs Board report on the status of the PhD pipeline to the ASHA Board of Directors

Ad Hoc Committee on Supervision Report on Knowledge, Skills and Training Consideration for Individuals Serving as Supervisors [PDF]
December 2013 report to the ASHA Board of Directors on knowledge and skills training considerations for individuals serving as supervisors

Academic Affairs Board Report to the ASHA Board of Directors on the Clinical Doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology [PDF]
October 2012 report to the ASHA Board of Directors on the role of a clinical doctoral degree in speech-language pathology

Communication Sciences & Disorders Education Survey Data Reports
National and individual state aggregate data reports

Report of the 2008 Joint Ad Hoc Committee on PhD Shortages in Communication Sciences and Disorders [PDF]

Crisis in the Discipline Report 2002 [PDF]

PhD Program Survey Results 2002 Executive Summary [PDF]

2008 Researcher Survey Report
ASHA conducted the 2008 Researcher Survey in an effort to better serve the interests and needs of the communication sciences and disorders research community.

Report on Emerging Areas of Clinical Practice
In order to help professionals with work related to clinical practice, professional education and development, advocacy, and research, an ASHA team developed and applied a systematic process and tools to gather data and facilitate team decisions regarding emerging areas of clinical practice. These tools include guiding clinical questions, a decision making flowchart, a list of targeted data sources, and a spreadsheet data tracker.

National Summary Report for Praxis Data in Audiology [PDF] and National Summary Report for Praxis Data in Speech-Language Pathology [PDF]
Review the National Summary Reports which include the most current descriptive statistics of Praxis exam scores.

Audiology Education Summit I: A Collaborative Approach
Read the conference report [PDF] of the Audiology Education Summit: A Collaborative Approach, conducted January 13–15, 2005, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as a joint initiative of ASHA, CAA, and CAPCSD. The report outlines the outcomes of the conference-characteristics of clinical doctoral programs in audiology that would optimally prepare students to become desirable, employable professionals. Contents of the report could be used to assist programs in developing, evaluating, and enhancing clinical doctoral education in audiology.

Audiology Education Summit II: Strengthening Partnerships in Clinical Education
This summit was held February 3–5, 2006, in Phoenix, Arizona. Sponsored by CAPCSD, CAA, AAA, and ASHA. The meeting's purpose was to share information among clinical preceptors and educators about evolving practices in audiology doctoral programs, and to recommend best practices for universities and clinical sites to incorporate into their training models.

PhD Program Survey Results 2002 Executive Summary
The Joint Ad Hoc Committee on the Shortage of PhD Students and Faculty in Communication Sciences and Disorders was established to address the shortage of PhD faculty in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

SLP Education Summit: "The Subject is Change"
This summit was conducted February 1–4, 2007, New Orleans, Louisiana and sponsored by ASHA, CAPCSD, CAA and CFCC. The purpose of this conference was to explore, develop and extend paradigms for the preparation of successful speech-language pathologists of the future.

Other Higher Education Reports

The Condition of Education 2014 [PDF, 15.4MB]

CAPCSD's White Paper: Preparation of Speech-Language Pathology Clinical Educators [PDF]

Assessing Health Professional Education: Workshop Summary
Report from the 2013 Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education; Board on Global Health; Institute of Medicine

State of Higher Education Finance FY 2013 [PDF, 7.5MB]
A project of the staff of the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO)

Grade Change: Tracking Online Education in the United States [PDF]
The survey was designed, administered and analyzed by the Babson Survey Research Group with data collection conducted in partnership with the College Board and sponsored in part by Pearson and the Sloan Consortium.

Survey of Earned Doctorate
Annual census data and reports on research doctoral degrees earned in the U.S.

Preliminary Report/Executive Summary: MGH Consensus Conference on the Clinical Doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology [PDF]
Prepared by the planning committee of the Consensus Conference on the Clinical/Professional Doctorate In Speech-Language Pathology

Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice
Interprofessional Education Collaborative Expert Panel [PDF] (2011).
Report of an expert panel. Washington, D.C.: Interprofessional Education Collaborative.

Team-Based Competencies: Building a Shared Foundation For Education and Clinical Practice
IPEC February 2011 conference proceedings [PDF] highlighting the advancement of interprofessional education

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