American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

ASHA Thesaurus

The ASHA Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary used to organize information in the fields of audiology and speech-language pathology.

Terms marked "(node label only)" are for classification only and should not be used for indexing. Non-preferred terms are in italics.

ASHA corporate organization
ASHA organization, activities, and issues
ASHA corporate organization
ASHA governance
.. ASHA committees, boards, and councils
... Boards
.... Advisory boards
.... Standing boards
..... Board of Ethics
..... Board of Special Interest Group Coordinators
..... Continuing Education Board
..... Financial Planning Board
..... Governmental Relations and Public Policy Board
..... Multicultural Issues Board
..... Publications board
..... Scientific and Professional Education Board
... Committees
.... Ad hoc committees
.... Coordinating committees
.... Joint committees
..... Joint Committee of ASHA and the Council on Education of the Deaf
..... Joint Committee on Infant Hearing
..... Joint Committee on Interprofessional Relationships with Neuropsychology
..... Joint Committee on State-National Association Relationships
..... National Joint Committee for the Communications Needs of Persons with Severe Disabilities
..... National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities
.... Standing committees
..... Advisory Committee on Evidence-based Practice
..... Committee of Chairs
..... Committee on Budget
..... Committee on Committees
..... Committee on Honors
..... Committee on Nominations and Elections
..... Health Care Economics Committee
..... Nominating Committee for CFCC
..... Nominating Committee for the Council on Academic Accreditation
..... Research and Scientific Affairs Committee
..... School Finance Committee
... Councils
.... Advisory Councils
..... Audiology Advisory Council
..... Critical issues
..... Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Council
.... Council for Clinical Certification in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
.... Council for Clinical Specialty Recognition
.... Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
... Working groups
.. Board of Directors
.. Legislative Council
Membership and affiliation categories
.. ASHA Fellows
.. Associate membership
.. Certificate holder
.. International affiliate
.. Life membership
.. Membership
... Member benefits
.... Affinity benefits
..... Discounts
... Membership dues
Special Interest Groups
.. Administration and Supervision Special Interest Group (SIG 11)
.. Augmentative and Alternative Communication Special Interest Group (SIG 12)
.. Aural Rehabilitation and its Instrumentation Special Interest Group (SIG 7)
.. Communication Disorders/ Sciences in CLD Populations Special Interest Group (SIG 14)
.. Fluency and Fluency Disorders Special Interest Group (SIG 4)
.. Gerontology Special Interest Group (SIG 15)
.. Global Issues in Communication Sciences and Related Disorders Special Interest Group (SIG 17)
.. Hearing and Hearing Disorders in Childhood Special Interest Group (SIG 9)
.. Hearing and Hearing Disorders: Research and Diagnostics Special Interest Group (SIG 6)
.. Issues in Higher Education Special Interest Group (SIG 10)
.. Language, Learning and Education Special Interest Group (SIG 1)
.. Neurophysiology and Neurogenic Speech and Language Special Interest Group (SIG 2)
.. Public Health Issues Related to Hearing and Balance (SIG 8)
.. School-Based Issues Special Interest Group (SIG 16)
.. Special Interest Group Steering Committees
.. Speech Science and Orofacial Disorders Special Interest Group (SIG 5)
.. Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia) Special Interest Group (SIG 13)
.. Telepractice Special Interest Group (SIG 18)
.. Voice and Voice Disorders Special Interest Group (SIG 3)

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