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Medicare Speech-Generating Devices Information Packet: Introduction

Medicare Speech-Generating Devices Information Packet

Pursuant to EB 36-2002, an ASHA Ad Hoc Speech-Generating Devices (SGD) Committee was formed and charged with the responsibility to a) pilot and refine an SGD reimbursement protocol; b) make recommendations for a variety of educational opportunities focusing on Medicare SGD coverage and documentation; c) develop a proposal for a mentoring program for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) who wish to become proficient in SGD assessment and treatment; and 4) make recommendations for articles to be published in The ASHA Leader and special interest division newsletters that highlight issues such as documentation for SGD assessments. Members of the committee were Deborah Parker Wolfenden (chair), Laura Ball, Katherine Hill, Joanne Lasker, Patricia Ourand, Celia Hooper (monitoring vice president for speech-language pathology practices, 2003-2005), Diane Paul (ex officio), and Silvia Quevedo (ex officio).

Committee members developed an information packet to assist SLPs in the SGD funding request process for Medicare coverage. The packet provides a brief summary of the key points regarding Medicare funding of SGDs and the roles and responsibilities of SLPs in submitting an SGD funding request. The packet contains an SLP Checklist to assist SLPs in completing an SGD funding request. Internet resources are provided for SLPs to access additional information, tools, and support in working through the SGD funding process. Also included are committee recommendations for resources and educational programs to be considered by the ASHA Executive Board for possible implementation. As in the provision of any clinical service, SLPs are guided by the ASHA Code of Ethics and SLP Scope of Practice.

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