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Pragmatic Language Disorders

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ASHA Ad Hoc Committee on Language Use in Social Interactions in School-Aged Children

Committee Charge: Develop an evidence-based systematic review (EBSR) related to social communication disorders in school-aged children in collaboration with ASHA's National Center for Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders (N-CEP) and determine the need for subsequent documents based on the results of the EBSR.

Committee Members: Sima D. Gerber, Chair ([email protected]), Alejandro E. Brice, Nina C. Capone, Martin Fujiki, Norma S. Rees, Geralyn R. Timler, Ann-Mari Pierotti, ex-officio ([email protected]). Julie Noel, vice president for speech-language pathology practices, is the monitoring officer.


Assessing Social Communication in Asperger Syndrome [PDF] (2006 ASHA Convention) (Kowlaski,T.)

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