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Language (Relevant Paper)

Definitions of Communication Disorders and Variations (Relevant Paper)

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Guidelines for Speech-Language Pathologists Serving Persons With Language, Socio-Communication, and/or Cognitive-Communication Impairments (1991) (Under revision)

Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology

Preferred Practice Patterns for the Profession of Speech-Language Pathology

Articles From ASHA Publications

The Language Use Inventory for Young Children: A Parent-Report Measure of Pragmatic Language Development for 18- to 47-Month-Old Children (O'Neill, D., 2007)

The Use of Two Language Tests to Identify Pragmatic Language Problems in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders (Young, et al., 2005)

Why We Should Consider Pragmatics When Planning Treatment for Children Who Stutter (Weiss, A. L., 2004)

ASHA Committee Work

ASHA Ad Hoc Committee on Language Use in Social Interactions in School-Aged Children

Committee Charge: Develop an evidence-based systematic review (EBSR) related to social communication disorders in school-aged children in collaboration with ASHA's National Center for Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders (N-CEP) and determine the need for subsequent documents based on the results of the EBSR.

Committee Members: Sima D. Gerber, Chair (, Alejandro E. Brice, Nina C. Capone, Martin Fujiki, Norma S. Rees, Geralyn R. Timler, Ann-Mari Pierotti, ex-officio ( Julie Noel, vice president for speech-language pathology practices, is the monitoring officer.


Assessing Social Communication in Asperger Syndrome [PDF] (2006 ASHA Convention) (Kowlaski,T.)

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How Does Your Child Hear and Talk

What is Language? What is Speech?

Your Childs Communication Development: Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade

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