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ASHA's Coding, Reimbursement, and Advocacy Modules

An Introduction to Key Concepts in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Reimbursement and Advocacy

Do you need a crash course in getting reimbursement for your services or advocating for your profession? You've come to the right place! These eight modules provide an overview of important reimbursement and advocacy concepts that all audiologists and speech-language pathologists should be aware of. Pick a topic, go at your own speed, and come back for more whenever you want!

Coding and Reimbursement Modules

Developed by ASHA's Health Care Economics Committee

Advocacy Modules

About the Modules

The six Coding and Reimbursement modules were developed by the Subcommittee for Education on Reimbursement and Coding in Universities (SERCU) of the ASHA 2010 Health Care Economics Committee (HCEC), Stuart G. Trembath, Chair. Members of the SERCU were Nancy Swigert (chair), Sherri S. Curtis, Robert C. Fifer, Richard M. Hogan, Janet D. Koehnke, Dee Adams Nikjeh, Marlene B. Salas-Provance, Marilyn J. Dunham Wark, Robert W. Woods, and Steven C. White (ex officio and narrator).

The Advocating for Your Professions presentation was created by the ASHA 2010 Government Relations and Public Policy Board (GRPPB) – Linda Jacobs-Condit (chair), Ellen R. Estomin, Wayne A. Foster, Diane C. Golden, Charlette M. Green, Mary U. Hooper, Joan A. Mele-McCarthy, Ryan W. McCreery, Timothy J. O'Neill, Sharon Ringwalt, and George Lyons (ex officio).

The Advocacy and School Finance module was written by the ASHA 2010 School Finance Committee (SFC) – Patricia Iafrate Bellini (chair), Lisa R. Cannon, Claudia L. Dunaway, Carol B. Fleming, Sue A. Goldman, Marie C. Ireland, and Janet A. Deppe (ex officio).

Thomas Hallahan, Vice President for Government Relations and Public Policy, served as the liaison between the ASHA Board of Directors and the HCEC, the GRPPB, and the SFC.

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