Reimbursement for Audiology Services Related to Otitis Media

There should be little or no problems associated with an audiologist's claim for services related to otitis media if the third party reimburses audiologists directly. Health insurance plans rarely disallow diagnostic services for an acquired medical disease or disorder. Medicare carriers typically include coverage of testing for middle ear disorders in their Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs).

Some of the codes listed for otitis media and related disorders in the 2009 International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Edition, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) are:

381 Nonsuppurative otitis media & Eustachian tube disorders

381.0 Acute nonsupportive otitis media

381.00 Acute nonsuppurative otitis media, unspecified

381.01 Acute serous otitis media

381.02 Acute mucoid otitis media

381.03 Acute sanguineous otitis media

381.04 Acute allergic serous otitis media

381.05 Acute allergic mucoid otitis media

381.06 Acute allergic sanguinous otitis media

381.1 Chronic serous otitis media

381.10 Chronic otitis media, simple or unspecified

381.19 Other

381.2 Chronic mucoid otitis media

381.20 Chronic mucoid otitis media, simple or unspecified

381.29 Other

381.3 Other & unspecified chronic nonsuppurative otitis media

381.4 Nonsuppurative otitis media, not specified as acute or chronic

381.5 Eustachian salpingitis

381.50 Eustachian salpingitis, unspecified

381.51 Acute Eustachian salpingitis

381.52 Chronic Eustachian salpingitis

381.6 Obstruction of Eustachian tube

381.60 Obstruction of Eustachian tube, unspecified

381.61 Osseous obstruction of Eustachian tube

381.62 Intrinsic cartilagenous obstruction of Eustachian tube

381.63 Extrinsic cartilagenous obstruction of Eustachian tube

381.7 Patulous Eustachian tube

381.8 Other disorders of Eustachian tube

381.81 Dysfunction of Eustachian tube

381.89 Other

381.9 Unspecified Eustachian tube disorder

382 Suppurative & unspecified otitis media

382.0 Acute suppurative otitis media

382.00 Acut suppurative otitis media without spontaneous rupture of ear drum

382.01 Acute suppurative otitis media with spontaneous rupture of ear drum

382.02 Acute suppurative otitis media in diseases classified elsewhere

382.1 Chronic tubotympanic suppurative otitis media

382.2 Chronic atticoantral suppurative otitis media

382.3 Unspecified chronic suppurative otitis media

382.4 Unspecified suppurative otitis media

382.9 Unspecified otitis media

Relevant audiologic diagnostic codes are:

389 Hearing loss

389.0 Conductive hearing loss

389.00 Conductive hearing loss, unspecified

389.01 Conductive hearing loss, external ear

389.02 Conductive hearing loss, tympanic membrane

389.03 Conductive hearing loss, middle ear

389.04 Conductive hearing loss, inner ear

389.05 Conductive hearing loss, unilateral

389.06 Conductive hearing loss, bilateral

389.08 Conductive hearing loss of combined types

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