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Response by Ann Horton

Ethics Roundtable: Recommending an Employee With a Mixed Performance Record

Ann Horton
National HealthCare Corporation 
Knoxville, TN

As Fran's supervisor, I would schedule a conference with her and state the following:

  • She has been counseled on several occasions about the impact her interpersonal behaviors have had on her job performance.
  • She might consider applying for another position without a letter of recommendation from her supervisor.
  • I am unwilling to falsify information about her because it would be unfair to her potential employer, clients, and herself, and only perpetuates a chronic problem that needs to be modified.
  • I am surprised that she is requesting a letter of recommendation from me, but would be willing to write a letter that accurately describes things such as dates of employment and other factual information, without reference to an assessment of her performance or prognosis for future success.

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