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Business Plan

Products and Services

What types of services do you plan to provide?

  • Screening
  • Evaluation
    • Speech-language pathology
      • Speech, language, cognitive-communication
      • Feeding and swallowing
      • Literacy
    • Audiology
      • Audiometry-puretone threshold testing and speech
      • Immittance
      • Otoacoustic emissions
      • Behavioral assessment
      • Evoked potentials
      • Electronystagmography
      • Vestibular rehabilitation
      • Central auditory processing evaluations
  • Treatment
    • "Traditional therapy"
    • Services via telepractice
    • Specialized treatments (e.g., software programs or treatments for which you have additional training, such as PROMPT or LSVT)
    • Individual or group
    • Hearing aid selection and fitting
    • Assistive Technology
    • Audiologic Re/habilitation
  • Consultation with schools or other professionals
  • Hearing conservation
  • Expert testimony (e.g., forensic speech-language pathology and audiology)
  • Individual training (e.g., presentations, social skills)
  • Group training
  • Presentations about speech-language pathology, communication or swallowing disorders, prevention, hearing and hearing loss, etc.

Do you plan to sell any products (e.g., therapy materials, books, devices, hearing aids, earmolds, assistive technology)?

  • Describe the products
    • Will you produce them yourself?
    • Will you purchase them from others?
    • Will you sell them directly or coordinate sales with a distributor?

Describe how your services are competitive

  • What gives you an advantage over other practices?

Describe your pricing or fee structure

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