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Business Plan

Marketing and Sales Plan

Identify to Whom you can Market your Services

  • Local physicians
  • Early intervention agencies
  • Local school districts
  • Preschools/child care centers
  • Adult day care centers
  • Local parent groups
  • Local theatre or singing groups
  • Area businesses
  • Other

Describe the Demand for your Services

  • How many people need or want your services?
  • Is there a specific need in your geographic area (not enough SLPs, high incidence of hearing loss, no SLPs or audiologists that evaluate or treat the disorder areas you intend to address)?
  • Will people pay for your services (is the community able to afford your services, is there a reimbursement system in place to pay for them)?

How will you Market Yourself to the Identified Referral Sources?

  • Web page
  • E-mails
  • Social media
  • Direct mails
  • Personal visits
  • Advertisements

Describe your Sales Strategy

Marketing resources

ASHA Corporate Partners