National membership provides benefits that help students stay current on advancements in the field, enhance their academic knowledge, find internships and employment, network with other students with similar interests, and save money on products and services.

Joining NSSLHA Just Got Easier!

Students are now able to join NSSLHA through an online membership application that is fully-integrated with ASHA's database management system. This process seamlessly registers a student for the NSSLHA/ASHA website, collects payment, and immediately provides an account number for accessing member-only benefits.

2017 membership will NOT be available until September 1, 2016.

Apply for 2016 NSSLHA membership for $60.

Eligibility requirements for NSSLHA membership and NSSLHA introductory membership packages.

*Please note that NSSLHA national membership dues are not prorated. The cost of membership dues are not adjusted for, or dependent on, the date you submitted your application. Dues apply to January 1 through December 31 of that membership year.