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Spring 2017

CAA Launches Its New Program Information Website 

2017 Standards for Accreditation
New standards will be implemented August 1. The CAA provides the following online documents:
  • 2008 and 2017 standards Side by Side Comparison
  • Updated Documentation Guidance
  • 2017 Application for Candidacy (available for new programs)
  • Standards updates, including the edits to the Requirements for Review for Standard 1.7, Program Director
  • Watch for a Call for Comment on proposed edits to Standard 1.8, Equitable Treatment
April 23–29, 2017 is National Volunteer Week!
Thank you to the 127 individuals who volunteer their time and talents while serving as CAA Members, Site Visitors, and CAA Nominating Committee Members.

Volunteer Positions Available—Apply Now for 2018!
Interested in volunteering to support the CAA’s accreditation program? We are currently recruiting to fill anticipated vacancies for both the CAA and the CAA Nominating Committee for terms beginning January 1, 2018. Online applications are due June 1, 2017.
  • CAA Member Positions
    Individuals elected to the CAA will serve 4-year terms. Four vacancies are anticipated for 2018:
    • One academic audiology member representing an accredited audiology program
    • One academic speech-language pathology member representing an accredited SLP program
    • One practitioner member representing audiology
    • One practitioner member representing speech-language pathology
  • CAA Nominating Committee Positions
    Individuals selected to serve on the CAA Nominating Committee will serve 1-year terms. Four vacancies are anticipated in 2018:
    • One academic member representing audiology
    • One academic member representing speech-language pathology
    • One practitioner member representing audiology
    • One practitioner member representing speech-language pathology
Join CAA at CAPCSD’s Annual Conference in New Orleans!
Meet CAA Members and Accreditation Staff in the Exhibit Hall. The CAA Update session will be on Thursday, April 20, 11:00–Noon, which will highlight trends in standards’ citations and expectations regarding implementation of the 2017 standards.
CAA Meeting Highlights

A New Year, A New CAA
Please join us in welcoming new members and the CAA’s 2017 leadership team.

New members, whose terms began on January 1, 2017, are as follows:
  • Diana Emanuel, audiology academic, Towson, MD
  • Lauren Bland, speech-language pathology academic, Bowling Green, KY
  • Nancy Alarcon, speech-language pathology academic, Seattle, WA
  • Rachel Liska, public member, Washington, DC
2017 Executive Committee officers are as follows:
  • Annette Hurley, chair
  • Jennifer Friberg, chair-elect
  • Sarah Hallowitz, vice chair for audiology
  • Katandria Love Johnson, vice chair for speech-language pathology
The CAA held its first meeting of the year February 15–18; the next meeting will take place July 19–22. Actions taken during the February meeting will be described throughout this issue of the newsletter.

Accreditation Decisions
All final accreditation decisions made during the CAA’s February 2017 decision-making meeting are posted online, consistent with the CAA’s Public Notice of Accreditation Actions policy.
  • New Programs Achieve CAA Accreditation Status.
    The CAA awarded candidacy status to the master’s program in speech-language pathology at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Utah and to the clinical doctoral audiology program at Western Washington University in Washington. Congratulations to these programs on achieving this recognition!
  • Programs in Full Compliance—Comprehensive Accreditation Review.
    Join the CAA in congratulating the following programs: Auburn University (AUD and SLP); Eastern Illinois University (SLP); LaSalle University (SLP); Miami University (SLP); New Mexico State University (SLP); University of Central Arkansas (SLP); University of Florida, Gainesville (SLP); University of Georgia (SLP); University of Minnesota, Duluth (SLP); University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (AUD and SLP); University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (AUD); and University of South Carolina (SLP). These programs were in full compliance with all Standards for Accreditation as a result of CAA’s comprehensive review. In addition, the CAA noted areas for follow-up next year for eight programs that were in compliance with all standards. The CAA does not post the Accreditation Action Reports for programs that have received no standards citations.
CAA Policies and Procedures
The CAA approved the following policy and procedural changes. The relevant Accreditation Handbook chapter is noted in parentheses behind each policy.
  • CAA Nominating Committee Member Appointment Procedures (Chapter VI)—Added procedures for identification of alternates if members need to be replaced.
  • Required Language for Public Notice of Accreditation Status (Chapter XII)—Updated policy reflecting that—as of January 1, 2017—the CAA requires programs to use specific language when publishing its accreditation status on the program website.
  • Complaints Against the CAA (Chapter XIII)—Updated policy and procedures.
  • Complaints Against Graduate Education Programs (Chapter XIII)—Made editorial changes to align with edits to the “Complaints Against the CAA” policy and procedures.
  • Notice of Intent for Filing Candidacy Applications (Chapters XV and XVI)—Added requirement for programs to notify the CAA 5 months in advance of filing an application for candidacy.
  • Early Probation Report Filing (Chapter XVII)—Updated filing expectations and decision options for consideration of probation reports.
2016–2018 CAA Strategic Plan
The CAA discussed the status of initatives of its current strategic plan and reviewed the action plans to support the pillars of Operational Excellence, Personnel Resource Optimization, and Strategic Partnerships.

New Standards Compliance Trend Data Reports Available
Check out what standards were most frequently cited as noncompliant or partially compliant in 2016, in applications reviewed by the CAA as well as in annual reports.
Announcements If you have any questions or comments about this issue of the newsletter or suggestions for the future, please direct them to
If you have any questions or comments about this issue of the newsletter or suggestions for the future, please direct them to

Fall 2017 Issue Topics
  • Slate of nominees for 2018 CAA member vacancies
  • Standards implementation update
  • Site visitor recruitment
  • Schedule of CAA sessions and events at ASHA Convention in Los Angeles
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