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About Completed Courses in the ASHA Learning Center

Learning Center FAQs

I've completed ASHA courses in the past. Will those appear in the ASHA Learning Center?

Historic certificates won't be available immediately; however, the information will be imported after we launch.

I've taken continuing education courses with other providers. Will those certificates appear in the ASHA Learning Center?

No, the ASHA Learning Center is not linked to other providers' courses. However, if you're a member of the ASHA CE Registry, you can access your CE Transcripts

How often is my information updated in the ASHA Learning Center?

Information is updated immediately. With the ASHA Learning Center, you'll get immediate test results, instant access to Certificates of Completion, and real-time access to online courses from ASHA Professional Development. Plus, if you belong to the CE Registry, we'll automatically report your completions to them.

Note: It generally takes 1–2 days for the completion to appear in the registry's system.

How do I access my Certificate of Completion from an ASHA course?

To access your Certificate of Completion, follow these easy steps:

  1. Login to the ASHA Learning Center.
  2. Select the Completion tab.
  3. Locate and select the desired certificate.

How can I find more ASHA Professional Development programs offered for ASHA CEUs?

For a complete list and to purchase a program, visit the ASHA's Online Store or call ASHA Product Sales at 888-498-6699.

If I complete an ASHA course and it's not appearing in the Learning Center, who should I contact?

Contact us at or 888-498-6699, ext. 8593. (Please have your ASHA number and the course number handy.) Remember, courses taken from other providers will not appear in the ASHA Learning Center; however, if you're a member of the ASHA CE Registry, you can access your CE Transcripts.

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