Steps for Developing and Filing an Independent Study Plan

  1. Review the Independent Study (IS) Activity Form [DOC] and develop a tentative IS Plan based on your professional development needs.
  2. Contact an ASHA Approved Independent Study Provider to see if they would be willing to supervise. The provider can be chosen from any state or country. You must contact the ASHA CE administrator for the Approved IS Provider and have the plan approved before beginning your IS. ASHA CEUs can not be awarded retroactively.
  3. Provider agrees to monitor/process Independent Study. After discussion and review of your intended Independent Study activity, the ASHA CE administrator should indicate whether he/she will assist in the learning experience. IS Providers may charge participants a fee to monitor and process the IS activity. Be sure to inquire about the Provider's specific procedures and policies related to Independent Study, including fees and refund policy. Note: Some IS Providers limit the number of plans they will monitor/process each year. Others accept plans only for members/staff in their organization. Providers have the right to refuse to accept an Independent Study that does not meet CEB requirements or a plan that is currently underway or completed.
  4. Complete steps on the IS Activity Form [DOC] to plan the Independent Study. The activity must be related to the sciences as they pertain to speech-language pathology, audiology, speech/language/hearing sciences, and/or the contemporary practice of speech-language pathology and audiology. Activity content and level must be beyond that required for initial certification by ASHA in the professions and contribute to the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.
  5. Finalize and sign the plan. Once you have agreed on a plan with the guidance of the Independent Study Provider, you and the ASHA CE administrator should document your agreement by signing and dating the Independent Study Activity Form on page 2. Note: If an instructor is involved in the Independent Study activity, he/she should also sign the form on page 2. Each party should keep a copy of the signed form for his/her records.
  6. Create a time log [PDF] of your IS activities. Keeping an accurate record of the time spent on your independent study is critical for determining the number of CEUs to award for your course work. (You may earn up to 2.0 ASHA CEUs for an IS plan.) Provide the log to the ASHA CE Administrator when verifying your completion of the IS plan.
  7. Complete Independent Study experience. Immediately following the completion of the experience, submit to the Provider all documentation verifying satisfactory completion and related information on page 3 of the IS Activity Form. The ASHA CE administrator for the IS Provider verifies satisfactory completion and, if all requirements are met, approves the Independent Study activity. Note: It is the participant's responsibility to contact the Provider upon successful completion of the activity as outlined in the plan.
  8. IS Provider forwards completed Plan to ASHA CE Registry (Registry). The ASHA CE administrator for the IS Provider completes page 3 of the Independent Study Activity Form, signs and dates the plan, makes a copy of the plan for the Independent Study Provider's files, and sends the original plan to the Registry. The plan must reach the Registry no more than 45 days after the end date of the IS.
  9. Pay the annual ASHA CE Registry fee. To earn ASHA CEUs for your IS, you must pay the annual ASHA CE Registry fee for the year in which your activity was completed.
  10. Continuing Education Board (CEB) reviews plan. ASHA CE staff ensure that IS meets CEB requirements. A request for additional information from you and/or the ASHA CE administrator may be made.
  11. ASHA CE staff records IS information, and ASHA CEUs. The information on the Independent Study Activity Form's first page will be entered by the Registry into your ASHA CE Registry record. You are entitled to one free transcript each time you pay the annual ASHA CE Registry fee. Follow the steps for requesting a transcript.
  12. ASHA CE staff sends IS Provider confirmation about your Independent Study. Once all information is recorded by the Registry, the ASHA CE Administrator receives a confirmation showing the ASHA CEUs credited to your CE Registry transcript. For a complete record (i.e., identifying you as the participant, the Independent Study Provider, course date and description and the number of CEUs earned), you will need to request a transcript .
  13. If you have questions that the Independent Study Provider cannot answer, please contact ASHA CE staff at or 301-296-8591.

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