What are ASHA Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

What is a CEU?

  • The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized standard unit of measurement for participation in a continuing education (CE) course.
  • One Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is defined as 10 contact hours of participation in an organized CE experience offered by a provider, excluding meals and breaks. The contact hour is defined as 1 clock hour (60 minutes) of interaction between a learner and instructor or between learner and materials that have been prepared to facilitate learning. ASHA CEUs can also be awarded in half-hour increments.

How are ASHA CEUs awarded?

  • You attend a course registered for ASHA CEUs and fill out the ASHA CEU participant form. The Provider sends your form to the CE Registry, the Continuing Education Board (CEB) awards the CEUs, and your CE Registry transcript is updated.

What are the benefits of earning ASHA CEUs?

What courses are registered for ASHA CEUs?

  • To be eligible for ASHA CEUs, the course content and learning outcomes must be related to the sciences as they pertain to speech-language pathology, audiology, speech/language/hearing sciences, and/or the contemporary practice of speech-language pathology and audiology.
  • Course content and level must be beyond that required for initial certification by ASHA and contribute to the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.

What is the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)?

  • IACET determines CEU standards. IACET conducts focused research and development projects on effective practices in continuing education and training, disseminates effective teaching and learning practices for adults, and educates the public about the CEU. For additional information on IACET, visit their Web site.

Check out ASHA CEUFind, which exclusively lists courses offered for ASHA CEUs by ASHA Approved CE Providers.

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