American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Speech-Language Pathology Competencies

The practice of speech-language pathology may include the following competencies (ASHA, 1996b):

  • Provide screening, identification, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, intervention, and follow-up services for people with speech and language disorders
  • Provide consultation and counseling, and make referrals when appropriate
  • Train and support family members and other communication partners of individuals with speech, voice, language, communication, and swallowing disabilities
  • Develop and establish effective augmentative and alternative communication techniques and strategies
  • Select, fit, and establish the effective use of appropriate prosthetic/adaptive devices for speaking and swallowing
  • Use instrumental technology to diagnose and treat disorders of communication and swallowing
  • Provide aural rehabilitation and related counseling services to individuals with hearing loss and to their families
  • Collaborate in the assessment of central auditory processing disorders in cases inwhich there is evidence of speech, language, and/or other cognitive-communication disorders
  • Conduct pure-tone air conduction hearing screening and screening typmanometry for the purpose of the initial identification and/or referral of individuals with other communication disorders or possible middle ear pathology
  • Enhance speech and language proficiency and communication effectiveness, including but not limited to accent reduction, collaboration with teachers of English as a second language, and improvement of voice, performance, and singing
  • Train and supervise support personnel
  • Develop and manage academic and clinical programs in communication sciences and disorders
  • Conduct, disseminate, and apply research in communication sciences and disorders
  • Measure outcomes of treatment and conduct continuous evaluation of the effectiveness of practices and programs to improve and maintain quality of services

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