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Use the PDF files above to create a Proclamation and Resolution for BHSM in your city or state. If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (version 5 or later), simply add your logo and/or contact information in the area provided, save the file and share it with your ad-house, agency, and others.

To use these files with Acrobat Reader

  • Save the PDF to your computer, then open it with Acrobat Reader software.
  • Type over the parenthetical text (e.g. "your city or state") on the PDF, adding your text.
  • Print the PDF as draft, or to share with others.
  • Copy your text onto a word processing file (like notepad or simple text), and indicate on which ad style (column or block) you would like to have this text located.
  • Save the word processing file and the PDF on removable media (disk, writable CD)
  • Print this page and take it—along with your PDF and word processing files—to a printer or advertising agency.

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