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Develop an Action Plan

Step 1: Analyze Your State's Potential for Change

Before attempting to advocate for a change, state associations need to assess the potential for a successful outcome. State associations need to determine the state's potential for success which includes the following factors:

  1. Past/current state or local efforts to enact change
  2. Identification of key decision makers and an assessment of their level of opposition or support for state association issues
  3. An active, developed grassroots network among state association members
  4. Involvement of parent/consumer groups
  5. Commitment for school-related issues by the state association leadership
  6. Political climate in the state: budget concerns, state agenda, legislative/regulatory calendar
  7. Process to effect change: legislative, regulatory, state or local

Key Points:

  • Identify important factors necessary for change
  • Determine level of support or opposition
  • Evaluate the political climate
  • Determine areas of action needed

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