Pennsylvania Teacher Requirements for Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists

The information below is collected from state regulatory agencies responsible for regulating school based speech-language pathologists and/or audiologists. The information is reviewed on an annual basis. Please be advised that laws, regulations, and policies may change at any time, so always check with your state for the most up-to-date information.


Audiologists in the public schools are contract employees and do not fall under specific teacher requirements of the State Department of Education. State licensure is typically required for practice in the schools.

Speech-Language Pathologist

  1. Completion of an approved program in speech-language pathology as well as the recommendation of the issuing institution represents the primary process for state certification to work in the schools. The degree granting institution recommends the applicant for certification after completing the program and passing the Praxis test series.
  2. All candidates for initial teacher certification must have earned at least a master's degree, completed an approved program of teacher education, and have passed the Praxis test series for their certification area.
  3. Individuals applying for an initial certificate (Instructional I) are required to take the PAPA: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, and Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge in addition to the appropriate PRAXIS II.

Continuing Education Requirement

All teachers must complete 180 hours of continuing education (or six graduate-level courses) within a five year period to maintain teacher certification. Each individual school district makes the determination as to what constitutes an acceptable activity. Act 48 continuing professional education requirements for school and system leaders and educators have been suspended for two years, effective August 29, 2011.

Emergency Certification

An emergency permit may be issued by the Department upon the request of the employing public school entity when a position has been advertised and no fully qualified and properly certificated applicant is available. The candidate for an emergency permit must have earned a bachelor's degree from a state-approved college or university and must meet all other eligibility requirements related to age, citizenship, mental and physical health, and good moral character.


For further information on laws and regulations for school based speech-language pathologists and audiologists, please visit this website:

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