Arkansas State Contact Information

Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Arkansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association
c/o Best Association Management
P.O. Box 24103
Little Rock, AR 72221

Contact: Marilyn Porterfield, Executive Director
Phone: 501-244-0621
E-mail: [email protected]

State Regulatory Agencies

Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Licensing

Board of Examiners in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
101 East Capitol, Suite 103
Little Rock, AR 72201

Contact: Sharon Flynn, Office Manager
Phone: 501-682-9180
Fax: 501-682-9181
E-mail: [email protected]

Early Intervention Requirements for Practice

First Connections
Arkansas Department of Human Services
Donaghey Plaza
P.O. Box 1437
Little Rock, AR 72203

Contact: Tracy Turner, Part C Coordinator
Phone: 501-682-8703
E-mail: [email protected] 

Hearing Aid Dispenser Licensing

Board of Hearing Instrument Dispensers
P.O. Box 219
Jacksonville, AR 72078

Contact: Brandi Schroeder
Phone: 501-241-1120
Fax: 501- 241-0599
E-mail: [email protected]

Special Education Contacts

Special Education Unit
Arkansas Department of Education
4 Capitol Mall
Little Rock, AR 72201

Contact: Lisa Haley, Special Education Division Manager
Phone: 501-682-4282
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Shelly Wier, SEACDC Member
E-mail: [email protected]

Hearing Screening Contacts

Infant Hearing Program
Arkansas Department of Health
4815 West Markham, Slot 20
Little Rock, AR 72205-3867
Phone: 501-280-4740

Coordinated School Health
Arkansas Department of Education
Four Capitol Mall, Room 403
Little Rock, AR 72201

Contact: Jerri Clark, School Health Services Director
Phone: 501-683-3604
Fax: 501-683-3611

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