Supervision and the Professions: Resources for Supervision

By Cheryl Gunter, PhD, CCC-SLP

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Perhaps you are someone who has supervised clinical practice for several decades (or, in contrast, for several days). Perhaps you are omeone who has supervised in a diverse assortment of clinical contexts (or, in contrast, in one focused situation). Perhaps you have supervised clinicians across the experience continuum (or, in contrast, only undergraduate or graduate students or only post-CFY clinicians). Perhaps you are someone who has achieved a considerable level of competence and comfort in supervision tasks. Or, in contrast, you are someone who has identified areas for substantial professional development in supervision. Whatever your circumstances, welcome to this compilation of resources, courtesy of Special Interest Group 11 (Administration and Supervision), to enhance your effectiveness as a supervisor. We hope that this list of electronic and print items is valuable.

ASHA Standards for Supervision

Effective supervision starts with an awareness of the ethical bases of clinical practice, as well as of the competencies and expectations for supervisors. These documents, available via the ASHA web site, articulate this information.

ASHA Special Interest Group 11, Administration and Supervision

Specific Special Interest Group 11 resources can be of value to supervisors. In particular, the publication of the SIG introduces readers to current issues in supervision, as well as to practical solutions and resources. 

Texts for Clinical Supervision in Communication Disorders

Several classic texts are available that overview philosophical and practical aspects of supervision in speech-language pathology and audiology. The reference lists within these texts capture the state of the supervision literature at the time of their publication and serve as a valuable resource for supervisors who wish to consult data-based research, access practical tools, solve clinical problems, and observe the evolution of clinical supervision perspectives within the discipline over time.

  • Clinical Education in Speech-Language Pathology: Professional Growth for Students and Clinical Educators. Authors: L. McCallister & M. Lincoln. Publication Date: 2004. Publisher: Whurr Publishers. ISBN: 1861563108.
  • Handbook of Supervision: A Cognitive Behavioral System. Authors: W. R. Leith, E. M. McNiece, & B. B. Fusilier. Publication Date: 1989. Publisher: Pro-Ed. ISBN: 0316520349.
  • Implementing the Supervisory Process: Theory and Practice. Author: S. Dowling. Publication Date: 1991. Publisher: Prentice-Hall. ISBN: 0138757259.
  • Introduction to Clinical Supervision in Speech Pathology. Author: G. W. Schubert. Publication Date: 1978. Publisher: W. H. Green. ISBN: 0875271626.
  • Self-Supervision: A Career Tool for Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists. Authors: P. L. Casey, K. J. Smith, & S. R. Ulrich. Publication Date: 1988. Publisher: National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association. ISBN: 0887-6584.
  • Supervision in Communication Disorders. Authors: S. S. Farmer & J. L. Farmer. Publication Date: 1989. Publisher: Merrill. ISBN: 0675209633.
  • Supervision in Human Communication Disorders: Perspectives on a Process. Authors: M. B. Crago & M. Pickering. Publication Date: 1987. Publisher: Taylor & Frances Books. ISBN: 0850666759.
  • Supervision: Strategies for Successful Outcomes and Productivity. Author: S. Dowling. Publication Date: 2000. Publisher: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN: 0205315070.
  • The Supervisory Process in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Author: J. Anderson. Publication Date: 1988. Publisher: College-Hill Press. ISBN: 0316039594.
  • The Supervisory Process in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Authors: E. McCrea & J. Brasseur. Publication Date: 2002. Publisher: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN: 0205336620.

Perspectives on Supervision from Related Disciplines

While not specific to the disciplines of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, these reference texts from related disciplines nonetheless provide valuable philosophical and practical perspectives on clinical supervision. The diverse views on the nature of clinical supervision will help you assess your own framework for your own supervision principles and practices.

General Clinical Supervision

  • Clinical Supervision: A Handbook for Practitioners. Authors: M. Fall & J. Sutton. Publication Date: 2003. Publisher: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN: 0205408516.
  • Clinical Supervision in the Helping Professions: A Practical Guide. Authors: R. Haynes, G. Corey, & P. Moulton. Publication Date: 2002. Publisher: Wadsworth. ISBN: 0534563139.
  • Clinical Supervision Made Easy: The 3-Step Method. Author: E. Van Ooijen. Publication Date: 2003. Publisher: Churchill Livingstone. ISBN: 0443072426.
  • Clinical Supervision: What to do and How to Do It. Author: R. I. Cohen: Publication Date: 2003. Publisher: Wadsworth. ISBN: 0534630278.
  • Essentials of Clinical Supervision. Author: J. M. Campbell. Publication Date: 2005. Publisher: Wiley. ISBN: 0471233048.
  • Fundamental Themes in Clinical Supervision. Editors: J. R. Cutcliffe, T. Butterworth, & B. Proctor. Publication Date: 2001. Publisher: Routledge. ISBN: 0415228875.
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision (3rd Ed.). Authors: J. M. Bernard, R. K. Goodyear, & J. M. Bernard. Publication Date: 2003. Publisher: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN: 0205388736.

Clinical Supervision from a Mentor and Coach Perspective

  • Coaching, Counseling, and Mentoring. Author: F. M. Stone. Publication Date: 1998. Publisher: American Management Association. ISBN: 0-8144-0416-2.
  • Effective Supervision: A Guidebook for Supervisors, Team Leaders, and Work Coaches. Author: D. L. Goetsch. Publication Date: 2001. Publisher: Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0130315834.
  • Mentoring, Preceptorship, and Clinical Supervision: A Guide to Professional Roles in Clinical Practice. Author: A. Morton-Cooper & A. Palmer. Publication Date: 2000. Publisher: Blackwell. ISBN: 0632049677.
  • The Elements of Mentoring. Authors: W. B. Johnson & C. R. Ridley. Publication Date: 2004. Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN: 1403964017.
  • The Team Coach. Author: D. Deeprose. Publication Date: 1994. Publisher: American Management Association. ISBN: 0-8144-7859-X.
  • The Truth about Supervision: Coaching, Teamwork, Interviewing, Appraisals, 360 Degree Assessments, and Recognition. Author: A. O'Brien. Publication Date: 2004. Publisher: Charles C. Thomas. ISBN: 0398074704.
  • Transforming Practice through Clinical Education, Professional Supervision, and Mentoring. Authors: M. Rose & D. Best. Publication Date: 2005. Publisher: Churchill Livingstone. ISBN: 0443074542.

Clinical Supervision from a Human Resources Perspective

  • 2005 State by State Guide to Human Resources Law. Editors: J. F. Buckley & R. M. Green. Publication Date: 2005. Publisher: Aspen Publishers. ISBN: 0735548846.
  • Managing Clinical Supervision: Ethical Practice and Legal Risk Management. Author: J. E. Falvey. Publication Date: 2001. Publisher: Wadsworth. ISBN: 0534530745.
  • Managing Human Resources in the Human Services: Supervisory Challenges. Authors: F. D. Perlmutter, D. Bailey, & E. Netting. Publication Date: 2000. Publisher: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 0195120272.
  • Principles of Human Resource Development. Authors: J. W. Gilley, S. A. Eggland, & A. M. Gilley. Publication Date: 2002. Publisher: Perseus Books. ISBN: 0738206040.
  • Supervision: Concepts and Practices of Management. Authors: E. C. Leonard & R. L. Hilgert. Publication Date: 2003. Publisher: South Western College Publishers. ISBN: 0324178816.
  • The Complete Guide to Human Resources and the Law: 2005 Edition. Author: D. Shilling. Publication Date: 2004. Publisher: Aspen Publishers. ISBN: 073554736X.
  • The HR Answer Book: An Indispensable Guide for Managers and Human Resources Professionals. Authors: S. A. Smith & R. A. Mazin. Publication Date: 2004. Publisher: Amacom. ISBN: 0814472230.
  • The Human Resource Problem-Solver's Handbook. Author: J. D. Levesque. Publication Date: 1992. Publisher: McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 0070375313.

Clinical Supervision from a Reflective Practice Perspective

  • Educating the Reflective Practitioner: Toward a New Design for Teaching and Learning in the Professions. Author: D. A. Schon. Publication Date: 1990. Publisher: Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 1555422209.
  • Effective Clinical Supervision: The Role of Reflection. Authors: T. Ghayle, S. Lillyman, & D. Rawstone. Publication Date: 2000. Publisher: Quay Books. ISBN: 1856421252.
  • Learning Journals and Critical Incidents: Reflective Practice for Health Care Professionals. Authors: S. Lillyman & T. Ghave. Publication Date: 1997. Publisher: Quay Books. ISBN: 1856421538.
  • Reflection in Action: Developing Reflective Practice in Health and Social Services. Author: B. Redmond. Publication Date: 2004. Publisher: Ashgate. ISBN: 075463356X.
  • Reflection: Principles and Practices for Health Care Professionals. Authors: T. Ghayle & S. Lillyman. Publication Date: 2000. Publisher: Quay Books. ISBN: 1856421112.
  • Thinking about Management: A Reflective Practice Approach. Editors: D. Golding & D. Currie. Publication Date: 2000. Publisher: Routledge. ISBN: 0415202760.

Clinical Supervision from Various Theoretical Perspectives

  • Clinical Supervision: A Competency-Based Approach. Authors: C. A. Falender & E. P. Shafraske. Publication Date: 2004. Publisher: American Psychological Association. ISBN: 1591471192.
  • Clinical Supervision: A Four-Stage Process of Growth and Discovery. Publication Date: 1995. Publisher: Families International. ISBH: 0873042816.
  • Clinical Supervision: A Practical Approach. Authors: E. Van Ooijen & E. Van Ooijen. Publication Date: 2000. Publisher: Churchill Livingstone. ISBN: 0443058423.
  • Clinical Supervision: A Systems Approach. Author: E. L. Holloway. Publication Date: 1995. Publisher: Sage Publications. ISBN: 0803942249.
  • Collaborative Clinical Education: The Foundation of Effective Health Care. Author: J. Westberg. Publication Date: 2004. Publisher: Springer. ISBN: 0826180310.
  • Supervision: A Skill-Building Approach (2nd Ed.). Author: R. N. Lussier. Publication Date: 1994. Publisher: Richard D. Irwin. ISBN: 0256090505.

Practical Supervision Aids

  • Sometimes new supervisors find their comfort and confidence levels enhanced by the presence of very practical tools. These references provide real-life solutions to real-life supervision dilemmas and serve as a basis for the continued development of problem-solving strategies.
  • First-Time Supervisors Survival Guide. Author: G. Fuller. Publication Date: 1994. Publisher: Prentice-Hall. ISBN: 0133114325.
  • Supervisor's Portable Answer Book. Author: G. Fuller. Publication Date: 1989. Publisher: Prentice-Hall. ISBN: 0138765901.
  • The Manager's Question and Answer Book. Author: F. M. Stone. Publication Date: 2003. Publisher: American Management Association. ISBN: 0-8144-0758-7.
  • The New Supervisor's Survival Manual. Author: W. A. Salmon. Publication Date: 1998. Publisher: American Management Association. ISBN: 0814470270.

Clinical Research and Supervision

These resources link scholarly activity to clinical practice. For the supervisor who wishes to incorporate basic, applied, conceptual, and instructional research into his/her daily activity, these resources present varied useful perspectives on the relationship between the philosophical and the practical.

  • Real World Research: A Resource for Social Scientists and Practitioner-Researchers. Author: C. Robson: Publication Date: 1993. Publisher: Blackwell. ISBN: 0631176896.
  • Scholarship Assessed. Author: C. E. Glassick, M. T. Huber, & G. I. Maeroff. Publication Date: 1997. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 0-7879-1091-0.
  • Scholarship Reconsidered. Author: E. L. Boyer. Publication Date: 1990. Publisher: Carnegie Foundation. ISBN: 0-7879-4069-0.
  • The Scientist Practitioner: Research and Accountability in the Age of Managed Care (2nd Ed.). Authors: S. C. Hayes, D. H. Barlow, & R. O. Nelson-Gray. Publication Date: 1999. Publisher: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN: 0205280981.
  • Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders
  • Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders: An Introduction

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