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Practice Management


  • Code of Ethics
    The Code of Ethics sets forth the fundamental principles and rules considered essential to the practice of audiology and for preserving the integrity of the profession.
  • Issues in Ethics Statements
    Issues in Ethics Statements provide analysis and guidance on a variety of ethical issues that may be relevant to curriculum planning on this topic.
  • ASHA's Ethics webpage

Evidence-Based Practice

Cultural Competence


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Quality Improvement for Audiologists

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Professional Development

Review live and self-study programs offered by ASHA Professional Development for ASHA CEUs. For information about group discounts, call ASHA Product Sales at 888-498-6699.

Maintenance of Certification
See how to meet the continuing education requirements for maintaining the Certificates of Clinical Competence (CCC-A and CCC-SLP).

Special Interest Groups

Connect with your professional community! Special Interest Groups give audiologists the opportunity to explore similar interests and share expertise in focused areas of practice and/or research.

Special Interest Groups related to Electrophysiology:

Special Interest Groups related to personnel preparation:

Other Web Resources

  • Auditory Tour Archive
    A suite of images and animations designed to illustrate various aspects of the structure and function of the auditory periphery. It includes EarWorks, which was designed to simulate sensorineural hearing loss.
  • The Unversity of Wisconsin
    Web site on cochlear function and motion of the organ of Corti.
  • Virtual Tour of the Ear - A Hearing Mechanism
    Compendium of Web links providing information and graphics related to peripheral and central hearing mechanisms and disorders.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions
    The scientific site of the International OAE community providing free access to information on all aspects of otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) from hearing science to clinical applications.

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