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Site Visit Manual

Updated March 2013

The Site Visit Manual contains policies, procedures, and forms related to the conduct and report of a site visit to a graduate education program as part of its accreditation review by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA). It was developed for use by both programs and site visit team members.

This resource includes suggested interview questions, agenda guidelines, report template, and evaluation forms.

Appendices [PDF]

A. Site Visit Report Template

B. Accreditation Standards Inventory

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. CAA Accreditation

III. Site Visitors

IV. Site Visit

  • Scheduling the Site Visit
    • Cancellations
    • Team Composition
    • Appointment of the Site Visit Team
    • Travel Arrangements and Expenses
  • Preparation for the Site Visit
  • Public Comment
    • Procedures for Submitting Written Comments Prior to the Site Visit
    • Procedures for Handling Comments Received in Advance of the Site Visit
    • Procedures for Providing Comments During Site Visit
  • Site Visit Agenda
    • Evening Before the Site Visit
    • Suggested Activities for the First Day of the Visit
    • Suggested Activities for the Second Day of the Visit
    • Time Allocation
    • Preliminary Meeting of the Site Visit Team 
  • Conducting the Site Visit
    • General Principles
    • Sources of Data
  • Conducting Interviews
    • Forms of Interviews
    • Content of Interviews
    • Recording the Interviews
    • Suggested Questions in Data Gathering
    • Closing Interviews
    • Problem Areas
  • Required Meetings
    • Initial Interview with Program Director
    • Orientation Meeting with Instructional Staff
    • Exit Report
    • Problems during the Site Visit

V. Site Visit Report

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