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CAA Reporting in the HES Frequently Asked Questions: Confirmation Files and Printing

Can I print each section of the report to review prior to completing the section or formally submitting the report?

Each web page of the CAA report provides a "Print Page" option at the top right of the page. This feature will print the webpage that you are viewing; however, only the visible portion of the narrative responses within each text box will print (i.e., only the 5 or 10 lines allowed in the scroll-enabled text box will be printed).

The program director is expected to conduct a comprehensive review of your CAA report using the confirmation PDF files, generated only after you have entered all data and after all sections of the report have achieved a "completed" status. Remember that the final report to the CAA recompiles your data into summary reports (e.g., narrative response, faculty summary and vitae, curriculum table, knowledge and skills within the curriculum, and clinical population) and is not a replica of the individual web pages used to enter data. The CAA report in the HES is accessible until the submission date, so we recommend that you plan sufficient time to review the submitted report and edit data as necessary before the deadline.

Note: The final signatory sign-off completed by the program director signifies that all information provided in the report is complete and accurate.

How do I print my CAA report?

Programs will have access to confirmation PDF files once all sections of their CAA report have achieved a completed status (green status icon) and the signatory has signed off. The CAA reports were designed to allow programs to generate these PDF files only upon completion of the report. Information provided to the system is recompiled into summary reports across standards areas and presented in several different PDF files, including the program's narrative responses, faculty summary, faculty vitae, curriculum table, knowledge and skills within the curriculum, and clinical population. The web interface was designed to allow data sets to be collected in a discrete fashion; thus printing individual web screens is not recommended. To view the data to be collected in the CAA reports, please reference the data collection forms.

Who can access the confirmation files after my CAA report has been completed and submitted?

The program director, as the only person authorized as the signatory, can generate confirmation files once he or she has completed the signatory sign-off. When generating the confirmation reports, the program director should save the set of PDF files to a local directory for future reference. Once the CAA reporting period closes, the PDF files will no longer be accessible through the HES.

How do I correct information provided in my CAA report after I have completed and submitted my report?

After completing the signatory sign-off and generating the confirmation PDF files, the program director should review the report for accuracy at least 1 week prior to the final submission date (February 1 or August 1). If changes are needed in the report, the signatory or an editor may reopen the report to provide the changes. Once the edits are completed, the program director again must complete the signatory sign-off and generate new confirmation PDF files before the final submission date to ensure that the report is officially submitted.

When I select "generate confirmation file," nothing happens.

When the system generates the confirmation files, it provides the hyperlinks for the files in a new browser window. Please make sure you have your browser set to "allow pop-ups" before generating the files.

If you have signed off on the report and need to regenerate the confirmation files before the submission deadline, you may do so by making a minor edit to the report and again completing the signatory sign-off. This action will bring you back to the browser window that provides the links for the confirmation files. You should save the final confirmation reports to your computer/network for future reference.

When I select "generate confirmation file," I get a message saying that the file is damaged and cannot be repaired.

To generate the confirmation files, you must have the current version of Adobe Reader installed on the computer from which you are generating the files. After downloading this free program, you will be able to open the files. 

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