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CAA Reporting in the HES Frequently Asked Questions: Access

How do I change the signatory for my CAA reports?

For CAA purposes, the appointed program director serves as the signatory on CAA reports. Programs must notify the CAA of program director changes—including temporary appointments and sabbaticals–as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after the change. The program must submit notification in writing [DOC] to the CAA Accreditation Office. Upon receipt of the official notification, the accreditation staff will update the program's accreditation records and CAA report signatory.

How do I add editors for my CAA reports?

When assigning editors to provide data to the CAA report, the program should consider only faculty and/or staff who will serve in a primary role for completing sections of the report. Requests to change or add editors must be submitted by the appointed program director to The request must include the editor's name, title/position in the program, e-mail address, and ASHA account number (if applicable).

How do authorized users access the HES?

Although you do not have to be an ASHA member, certificate holder, or affiliate to access the HES, you must be a registered ASHA website user.

  1. Select "My Account" located on the top right corner of any ASHA webpage.
  2. Enter your ASHA login and password (if you have no login or password, select "Register with our Website").
  3. Select "CAA Reports" under the Higher Education Data System (HES) subhead to view the reports available, the time frame in which they are due, and the status of an open survey or report.

What are the system requirements for accessing the HES?

The HES is web-based and requires a computer with Internet access. The recommended browser is Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher. Although the applications within the HES work well through 56-KB modems, faster connection speeds increase the efficiency of any of the instruments. We recommend that you have cookies enabled when using the ASHA website and Java Script enabled for the HES application in particular. Many of the features in the HES are displayed as pop-up windows, so this feature must be enabled on your computer. You will need a current version of Adobe Reader on your computer in order to access your final confirmation files.

Visit the FAQs main page for General Information, Entering Data, Confirmation Files and Printing, and Documenting Compliance.

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