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Academic Program Capacity Building in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

Featured Examples of Successful Capacity Building

Academic programs, in collaboration with other stakeholders, have been attempting to increase capacity for a number of years. The approaches that have been undertaken to achieve greater capacity can be classified within the following six categories:

  • Combined degree programs (e.g., BA/MA, BA/PhD, AuD/PhD)
  • Consortium (e.g., degree programs offered as a result of institutional partnerships)
  • Distance education
  • Partnerships across programs (e.g., collaborations across disciplines)
  • Partnerships with local education agencies (LEAs)
  • Funding to support personnel preparation

Specific examples of approaches successfully implemented by academic programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) are highlighted below, and are provided to serve as models.

  • Building Academic Program Capacity with Innovative Clinical Education Models
     This 2010 ASHA presentation features innovative clinical education models [PDF] at Kent State University, James Madison University and University of South Carolina.  
  • University of Cincinnati, University of Washington, Vanderbilt University: Successful Models of Academic Program Capacity Building in Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology
    A presentation highlighting three programs and their successful models of capacity building [PDF] from the 2010 Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CAPCSD) conference proceedings.
  • University of Cincinnati's Innovative Approach to PhD Education
    The University of Cincinnati received a grant through an ASHA-sponsored competition for innovative academic programs to recruit and educate doctoral students who will enter academia.
  • University of Maryland Partnership with a Local Education Agency (LEA)
    A partnership success story: University of Maryland and an LEA join efforts [PDF] to enlarge the number of SLP trainees.

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