Guide to Starting an Academic Program in
Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD)

Section 4 - Seeking Accreditation: What You Need to Know

Participating in a Candidacy Site Visit

Part of the candidacy decision process includes a candidacy site visit, conducted over 1½-2 days with a 2-member site visit team. The purposes of the candidacy site visit are to

  • verify accuracy of information provided in the application and resolve questions/concerns that arose from review of the application;
  • directly observe program resources and space on campus and interact with program leadership;
  • document that compliance with accreditation standards was verified, consistent with CAA's expectations to award candidacy;
  • facilitate CAA's decision making for new program applicants by providing a written report of the visit.

The site visit is scheduled to occur once a program's candidacy application is accepted for review and before the CAA makes any official candidacy decisions. The candidacy site visit may be scheduled at any time during the year and is not limited to the academic term, provided that key representatives of the program and institution are available. Participation by the program director, graduate faculty, and dean or provost is expected during the conduct of the visit. Detailed information about preparing for the visit is included in the Candidacy Manual.

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