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Guide to Starting an Academic Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD)

Section 4 – Seeking Accreditation: What You Need to Know

Maintaining Accreditation Status

Annual Progress Reports

Once candidacy is awarded, the program is monitored for continued development and compliance with the accreditation standards through the program's submission of annual progress reports throughout its candidacy cycle, ensuring that the program is maintaining compliance with established standards. This periodic review process provides the program with an opportunity to respond to any previous concerns as well as the chance to inform the CAA of any anticipated changes in the program.

Details about the annual candidacy progress reports, review process, and decision options are described fully in Chapter XVI Procedures for Achievement and Maintenance of a Candidacy Status in the Accreditation Handbook.

Application for Accreditation

Once a candidate program successfully fulfills its annual progress reporting, it may submit an application for accreditation with the CAA. For accreditation to be awarded, all programs must demonstrate full compliance with all standards. Any program that did not meet all eligibility conditions to be reviewed through the candidacy program (e.g., student enrollment in the graduate program) but that does offer an eligible graduate program may apply to CAA for accreditation through this process.

Details about the application and review process and decision options are described fully in Chapter XVII Procedures for Achievement and Maintenance of an Accredited Status of the Accreditation Handbook. Information about preparing for the conduct and timing of a site visit is included in Chapter XVIX Site Visit Planning and Conduct of the Accreditation Handbook.

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