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Guide to Starting an Academic Program in
Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD)

Section 3 - Implementing the Academic Program

Administering the Budget(s)

After state and institutional approvals, the program will become operational under two separate budgets: a one-time start-up budget (including funding for the physical space and initial purchase of equipment and materials) and operating and capital budgets for maintaining the program from year to year.

Administration and management of the program include understanding your institution's requisition system, bidding process, budget cycle, department policies, and human resources. Members of this new CSD program need to work closely with other departments to implement the new program in a timely manner.

Space and equipment needs, which are budgeted from the institution, include

  • architect/contractors;
  • entrances, lavatories, and treatment rooms that are accessible for persons with disabilities;
  • materials (office supplies, copying costs, postage);
  • equipment (office furniture, treatment room furniture, filing cabinets);
  • computers, printers, copy machine, telephones, fax machine (including maintenance contracts).

Securing some resources may depend on the timing of when resources are needed as well as when funds are available to make the requisition and purchase. Be aware of when budget requests must be submitted to the administration.

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