Guide to Starting an Academic Program in
Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD)

Section 2 - Developing a Proposal for a New Program

Receiving a Response to the Letter of Intent

The administration will review the letter of intent and provide a formal response. This may take a few weeks or a few months, depending on the institution. Discuss with the campus provost the usual time for the administration's response to a letter of intent. If the lapsed time is unusually long, ask the provost to follow up with the central administration to determine when a response can be expected.

The response will come to the president or person who submitted the proposal. If the response is affirmative, the program will be asked to submit a formal proposal within a specified time period. This may be as long as 2 years or as short as 6 months. Address all specifications in the request for a formal proposal, including requirements for an external evaluation by an independent party prior to submission of the formal proposal.

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