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Guide to Starting an Academic Program in
Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD)

Section 1 - Deciding to Establish a New Program


Making the decision to start a new graduate program can be as overwhelming as it is exciting! The college or university may be undertaking this venture for several reasons:

  1. to meet the goals outlined in its mission statement;
  2. to build upon an existing undergraduate communication sciences and disorders (CSD) program;
  3. to create a graduate program in the absence of an existing undergraduate program;
  4. to re-create a graduate program that has previously been discontinued.

At various universities, the process may be initiated internally (e.g., by CSD faculty or the administration) or externally (e.g., by the state education agency). The steps toward making a decision are similar for each situation, although there are unique nuances that should be considered specific to each university.

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