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Guide to Starting an Academic Program in
Communications Sciences and Disorders (CSD)

Section 1 - Deciding to Establish a New Program

Geting Started With a Feasibility Study

Initially, the core team (see Section 1, Creating a Team) will meet to conduct a feasibility study.

Ultimately, the results of the feasibility study should provide the core team with some direction on whether the university should move forward with the proposal for a new program. The analysis should answer questions such as

  • Is there sufficient demand for a program and clinical services in the region/state?
  • What are the financial demands of creating a program? What funding opportunities can you capitalize on to address those demands?
  • Is the university considering the addition or expansion of other academic programs at the same time, and if so, what impact will that have on approval of the proposed CSD program?
  • Is there a sufficient applicant pool of academic and clinical faculty?
  • Is there a potential pool of students who will enroll in the program?
  • Will students have sufficient opportunities for clinical experiences?

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