American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

HES Starter Kit: Benefits

Who benefits and how?

Academic programs, faculty, students, ASHA, the Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA), Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CAPCSD), and the communication sciences and disorders (CSD) discipline all benefit from

  • Increased efficiency for programs completing surveys and accreditation application and reports
  • Access to national aggregate, individual state and ad hoc data reports about trends in CSD education and the personnel pipeline in the professions to aid in benchmarking and strategic planning
  • Visibility for academic programs via EdFind by students and potential students who are interested in advanced degree programs
  • Availability of key academic program information such as study abroad opportunities, part-time enrollment, research areas of interest, and more
  • Comprehensive data that informs ASHA initiatives undertaken on behalf of the discipline in areas such as
    • PhD shortage in higher education
    • personnel shortages in the professions
    • recruitment and retention of diverse student populations
    • internationalization
    • specialization
    • research initiatives
    • advocacy
  • Accurate and timely responses to inquiries for data and trends about CSD education
    • inform the effectiveness of accreditation standards at producing quality academic programs and graduates
    • monitor the effectiveness of meeting mission and goals as an accrediting agency (program improvement)
    • identify issues affecting faculty, curriculum, program and student assessment, and program resources that are evident across accredited graduate programs
  • Consistency in program reporting
    • evaluate program interpretation of standards
    • inform program educational opportunities
  • Comprehensive data that informs CAPCSD initiatives undertaken on behalf of the discipline

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