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Developing a Strategic Plan for a Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Strategic Plan: Strategies

For each Outcome Statement, one or more Strategy Statements will be developed. The Strategy Statement will indicate a specific activity that will be necessary to accomplish the Outcome. Each Strategy Statement indicates the following:

  • When it will be done-specific date
  • Who will do it-person responsible
  • What will be done-specific activity
  • To Whom it will be done-target group
  • Criteria that will indicate success-a number or quantitative indicator
  • Evaluation procedure/tool that will be used to indicate if the what and criteria were met.

Strategy Statement Components

For each of the following components, indicate the requested information:

  • When
  • Who
  • What
  • To Whom
  • Criteria
  • Evaluation

Strategy Statement Narrative: Using information from the above components, write the Strategy Statement narrative.

Example Strategy: By ( when, who), will establish a research seminar once a semester that can serve as forum for all faculty and students to share their ongoing and proposed research, manuscripts, and grant applications. A copy of the seminar agendas and list of participants will be submitted to the Program Director.

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