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Developing a Strategic Plan for a Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Steps to Develop a Strategic Plan

Following are the steps necessary to develop a strategic plan. The materials that follow provide guidance in completing each step necessary to develop the strategic plan.

  1. Conduct a SWOT analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the program.
  2. Develop a Vision statement.
  3. Develop a Mission statement.
  4. Develop an Envisioned Future scenario.
  5. Identify Focus Areas of concern.
  6. Write an Issue Statement for each Focus Area.
  7. Identify extant Baseline Data for each issue. If none are available, decide if there is a need to collect Baseline Data.
  8. Write an Outcome Statement related to the identified Issue.
  9. Write an Indicator of Success statement that reflects a change in performance from the Baseline Data.
  10. Develop Strategies that will be implemented to accomplish the desired Outcome. The Strategy should be an activity that will reduce the gap between the Baseline Data and the Indicator of Success.
  11. Pull all of the components of the strategic plan together using the Strategic Plan Template to prepare the final Strategic Plan.

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