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Developing a Strategic Plan for a Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Strategic Plan: Indicators Of Success


Indicators of Success: For each Outcome statement, one or more Indictors of Success will be identified as a way of determining if the Outcome was achieved and if achieving the Outcome had an impact and provided a return on investment or was cost-beneficial. The Indictors of Success are agreed upon by program staff.

Writing the Strategic Plan: Indicators of Success

Example Focus Area: Research

Example Issue: An enhanced culture for conducting and publishing applied and efficacy research is necessary to foster a research community and to increase the current level of faculty research and publications, and is essential to provide evidence-based clinical practice.

Baseline Data for Example Issue: For 20XX-20XX only X% of the faculty conducted research activities related to communication sciences and disorders. There were only X number of presentations related to research conducted by faculty and only X number of articles published related to faculty research in communication sciences and disorders.

Example Outcome: Increase number of faculty who conduct research activities.

Example Indicator of Success: X% increase in presentations and publications of faculty/student research.

Indicator of Success

[Identify one or more Indicators of Success for the identified Outcomes.]

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